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Class Reunion - Class of 1969 - Liberty, Mississippi


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Genre: Action, Casual, Indie
peakvox, O-TWO inc.
Release Date: 18 Nov, 2015

English,Japanese,Simplified Chinese

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So sad all Player AFK Don't Buy this game if you don't have friend to play this. Lol. This game runs better than No Mans Sky. Meh, I was just looking around. Saw the No Mans Sky Total FAIL, and a multi-multi-million dollar game (that took many years to develop) and that runs worse than this title. At least this game did not Permaban me for suggesting another month would improve NMS (where No Mans Sky permabanned me for saying that about ir [Even though the DESTRUCTIVE REVIEWS PROVE ME COMPLETELY RIGHT YET AGAIN]). Damn Chimps. No disapointments with Gocco of War (even though it is partially competing against the Excellent Overwatch).. i love this game. Its okay if you want to be the most weeb of them all, like me!. GOCCO Is the most CUTEST GAME in the world and this game will become one of my favorite game in the future. The Dev team is really friendly and they listen you when you tell them something and seriously the community is really nice and fun. This game is just a Pure Dlice (Pure Delight).. First quest tutorial Second quest Slay Satan tenouttaten would reccomend but really though this is a fun game where you get to be an adorable little deathbringer.. Its a silly little game with silly little ideas that just fit together like they were made for each other. I myself bought the game simply because "Why not" and I thought at first, "You are going to refund it anyways so why not give it a try and see what it is?" And I am not disapointed. As said above, its a silly little game with silly little ideas. And to be honest, I got what I wanted. And maybe I get my friends to buy it too so I wont play it all alone >.> Jokes aside, I can only say : Try it out This might not be the game for you but I would atleast give it a try, because if you dont like it you can always refund it.. multiplayer is dead

Happy New Year : Hi all Just wanted to take this moment to say Happy New Year.. Gocco of War in the Weekly Sales! : Gocco of War is in this week's Steam Sales! Create and dress up your own cute avatar and enjoy a co-operative quests with up to 8 people! A casual 3rd person shooting game, Gocco of War is 50% off! Do not miss this opportunity! See other Playism sales on our blog []. Steam Summer Sales! : The Steam Summer Sales have begun! Start this summer with a splash by grabbing some exciting indie games from Playism! See all the exciting Playism titles on Sale Today we have set GOCCO OF WAR on sale for 50% off! Welcome to Gocco Studio Japan, a futuristic playground where kids come together to play make-believe war a tradition started almost a hundred years ago. Up to 32 people can join a lobby, and up to 8 players can join up to take on quests. Check out all the Playism titles on sale here: Steam Summer Sales 2018 feat. Playism [] Join our Steam Publisher Page for all our latest updates: Playism Publisher Page. Up to 80% off in the Golden Week Sales! : In celebration for the new Era "Reiwa" in Japan, we are taking part in the Golden Week Sale on Steam! We have up to 80% off the Playism Catalog, so dive in now while sales last! Check out the full list on our Publisher Page .. Tokyo Game Show Sales and Announcements! : Tokyo Game Show has started! Playism is not only exhibiting some awesome games, but we are also joining up with Steam to hold some Tokyo Game Show Sales for everyone worldwide to join in! Find the full list of Playism titles on Sale here! As well as a huge selection of games on Sale, Playism is also proud to present our upcoming games and projects! CINERIS SOMNIA. Update 12/16 : Thank you for always playing Gocco of War. Gocco Of War is 50% off in the Weekly Sales! : Hi All Gocco Of War is currently 50% off in this week's Steam Weekly Sales!. Brushing up the Demo - the upgrade to 60FPS : It was a bit of a slow start, but we are finally able to update our demo version for Gocco of War! From today onwards, you will be able to run the demo in 60FPS as well.. Up to 80% off in the Lunar New Year Sales! : Hello Playism Fans Happy Lunar New Year! The Steam sales have kicked off and there are celebrations all around. We have set a whole bunch of amazing Playism games on sale, with up to 80% off! Check out the full list on our Publisher Page or on the Playism blog [] .

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