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Help Hoodie Girl fight the evil MediaBall's inane advertisements and get a new high score!
A game in two parts: First, brave your way through a confusing maze of menus, then take to the air as the indefatigable "Hoodie Girl" and blast sentient advertisements into cold, hard cash!

  • Loop-tastic speed insanity! Every time you beat a level, the game speed increases!
  • Time Pulse gameplay -- Slow down time and turn enemy bullets into score drops!
  • 2-Player local co-op
  • Weekly Leaderboard! Show up often + Show Off your play skills!
  • Brand new Steam Achievements!
  • PARKOUR!!!
  • Based on a true story*!

*Plus slight embellishments

==== WAIT, WHAT IS THIS? ====
Okay, so the actual shoot-em up plays like this:
It's an infinitely looping, high score game.
This is not a regular shooter, the level structure is not like R-Type or Ikaruga or Dodonpachi or most shmups. There is only *one level*, but it keeps changing with each loop.
The crazy part is, every time you beat the level, the *speed of the game* increases. It gets quite challenging by loop 5, and incredibly difficulty by loop 8.

To help out, there's a powerup called 'Time Pulse', in limited quantity. It slows down time temporarily, and if you shoot the enemy bullets during this time, you zap them into cash. And for every so-many bullets you destroy like this, you get a new Time Pulse! It's good to get you out of a jam, and man does it get tough later on.
Once you understand the flow of the loops, you'll know when the best time to spend your Time Pulse, and you'll start to figure out how to chain them, earn more, to get further.

-PARKOUR! 7aa9394dea

Title: Game Type
Genre: Action, Indie
Mommy's Best Games
Mommy's Best Games
Mommy's Best Games
Release Date: 23 Sep, 2015


this game is addictive as f**k, good game to play to kill time.. fast paced arcade game, and a meme in itself. quot;Kids, drugs are bad.... mmmkay? See this is why you should not smoke the marryjuwanna and program at the same time, mmmkay? Stuff like this game results from sinful wacky tobacky, the gonja, the sticky icky... Fact is we need to be more careful in the future when making games. Think of the adults who might play this game and suffer brain damage!"

Honestly, this game is crazy-uniquely-fun. I do recommend you see past the initial strangness of the game. This is like Adult Swim took acid and then a stab at making an anime shooter that wasn't anime. It's got a unique spin on a game and after just a couple tries it's kind of addicting.

Plus after beating Explosionade a few weeks ago I kind of enjoy this studio's wacky games. Get in the bundle too. Keep up the strangeness. :) Mentally insufficient review over.. This game has given me the weirdest dreams in the world! 0_0..... In this modern age of digital distribution, Steam sales, and consumer advocacy vlogs, it can get a little hard to remember way back in 2011 when Microsoft decided that they could do whatever they wanted with no consequences. Mommy's Best games were (as I understand it) a bunch of scrubby punks who made some surprisingly decent games in the Xbox 360's proprietary indie game framework, and this is their God Save the Queen. Game Type is dated, crude, short, and angry. It reminds us of the time a multi-billion dollar software corporation sold out.. this game is addictive as f**k, good game to play to kill time.. Game Type is dated, crude, short but I guess that's what it's suppose to Typical little arcade shooter thingy, no worse than any other of this particular genre. Certainly provides the entertainment value of these types of games. Grab it if you're into this genre,. No online co op.....

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