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FSX: Steam Edition - Heraklion Airport (LGIR) Add-On Download Easy

FSX: Steam Edition - Heraklion Airport (LGIR) Add-On Download Easy

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Nikos Kazantzakis Airport (LGIR) in Heraklion (or Iraklion, if you prefer the Greek) is the second-busiest airport in Greece. Squeezed in between the sea and the city, it has one of the most scenic approaches in the Mediterranean.

Heraklion’s location and pleasant climate make it an incredibly popular destination for many people. So popular in fact, that this airport will soon be replaced by a new one as it is no longer able to handle heavy traffic in the summer. That means the only way you will be able to visit this iconic airport is in the virtual world!

FSDG’s incarnation of Nikos Kazantzakis Airport is fully detailed, complete with famous landmarks, high resolution ground textures, photo real terrain coverage of Heraklion and custom terrain mesh. The airport itself features local apron vehicles along with realistic car traffic, complete and detailed airport lighting and detailed 3D objects.

Why not take a virtual holiday and explore this gorgeous scenery add-on in one of our amphibious aircraft? a09c17d780

Title: FSX: Steam Edition - Heraklion Airport (LGIR) Add-On
Genre: Simulation
FSDG Online
Dovetail Games - Flight
Release Date: 8 Mar, 2016


AWFUL. I bought it and now i cant find it. A complete waste. Just made my first fly with this scene. Bought it from -30% sale. It's nice and pretty (i use it with FTX Global, -Vector, -Open LC Europe and many other addons). Soon fly to Santorini with my good ol' A2A P-40 (Accusim) Warhawk! ;). Amazing add on. It run well. I Haven 20-25 fps whith this airports a 320 aerosoft all graphics ar medium High and fsrecorder. I Haven i3 and 2gb video card 4 GB RAM.

The textures are amazing and so is the wiew. The cars are well animated.

The runway 09 has a difficult aprouch and the runway 13 has a easy and beautiful aprouch \u0219i this addon ia perfect for everyone.

You can land and take off any plane eaven the a380.

I got it on sale but i think 13 $ is ok.

If ther's smoething bad is about the parking (You dont have jetways)

You can see buses and fuel trucks and more vehicles but You cant interact with them bit i guess You can but gsx for that. Anyway it will be the perfect addon If You could interact with them.

But anyway \u00ees a great addonwhith great orice and quality. I would recomend it for anybody.It has no problem at instalation and when You but it It appears in library.. Well, it is very beautiful and complete scenery but ... it is corrupts simulator for me. With this scenery enabled in library, world objects and textures stop loading if i fly everywhere longer than 50-60 nm. Also, it caused very long loading of Aircraft and Cockpit textures (~1 minute) if i change views. Simulator is installed on SSD and i'm not experiencing this kind of problems with all of scenarios from my collection.
I hope developers will find this global bug and update scenario, but for now i will request refund.. bad do nat wast mony!!!!! NEVER EVEN WAS THERE WHEN IT SED IT WAS DOWNLODED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. just got this addon and it doesnt work with GSX. i cannot find an AFCAD file for the airport so GSX is useless with this addon. this is the only bad thing about this addon though, good scenery for a cheap price.. Nice detailed scenery.

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