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FSX Steam Edition: Fair Dinkum Flights Add-On Ativador Download [Ativador]

FSX Steam Edition: Fair Dinkum Flights Add-On Ativador Download [Ativador]

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About This Content

Fair Dinkum Flights, developed by Turbulent Designs, is a mission pack designed to give you the full Australian experience! These ten missions will give you a taste of the kinds of activities undertaken by pilots in Australia every single day including sightseeing tours, cattle mustering, and firefighting.

You’ll be using a wide variety of aircraft all included in core FSX: Steam Edition including the Cessna 172, Cessna C208 Grand Caravan, Robinson R22, Agusta Westland EH101, Bell 206B, Beech King Air 350, Beech Baron B58 and even the Boeing F/A-18 Hornet!

The missions are intended to be played in any order you choose depending on your skill level and preference.


  • Dusk Cattle Muster
  • Bushfire Rescue
  • Intercept!
  • Angel Flight
  • Bush Telegraph
  • Bushfire Patrol
  • Missing Charter Boat
  • Solar Repair
  • Offshore Medivac
  • Sydney Sightseeing Tour

Fair Dinkum Flights missions are listed in the ‘Australian Experience’ category in the FSX:SE mission menu. To select a Fair Dinkum Flights mission, use the ‘Category’ dropdown to select ‘Australian Experience’. a09c17d780

Title: FSX Steam Edition: Fair Dinkum Flights Add-On
Genre: Simulation
Dovetail Games
Dovetail Games - Flight
Release Date: 19 Jan, 2017


microsoft fsx steam edition + fair dinkum flights add-on twin pack. fsx steam edition fair dinkum flights add-on

This is total crap, I want a refund and even if you gave it to me Free, I would uninstall this.

So c'mon Steam, why do you allow such CRAP to be sold here? Clearly you dont care!!!

Deveopers need to get their act together and raise the benchmark to peoples expectations.

. Work ok, for some reason the mission pointer doesn't always start, found simulating at 1\/4 speed gets it going. Good challenging missions. Hope the feedbacks helps with the bugs.. This add on, is pretty good And, I don't fly choppers, but although the other missions are a bit tricky, for me, a novice, you get ten, so well worth the money. Give it a go.. Overall pretty good, just a few issues. 1) The instructor's voice is low compared to engine noise. Had to crank up the volume to hear the instructions. 2) The standard FSX mission compass is not enabled in this DLC. The GPS has the waypoints pre-entered which is helpful, but not the equivalent of the mission compass.. Just bought this and mission one, Bush Telegraph, is so bugged that I couldn't finish it. At the first airstrip where you land you're told to taxi to the vehicles waiting. So I went and........ I circled the vehicles to try to trigger I headed to the next waypoint where there's about 30 bushes and a tree right in the middle of the airstrip. I crashed. Luckily I had saved shortly before landing. So I landed on the road and taxied to the tent at the end of the Airstrip and.........NOTHING...........same as the first, I then just gave up. I'll try the other missions, but so far it looks like money down the drain....

Edit: Just tried the second mission, Sydney Sightseeing. Part of the Mission Briefing:
"Take off from Sydney's Kingsford Smith Intl (YSSY) and head northeast to the first waypoint, then follow the markers around the harbour"

So I reached the first Waypoint, flew directly through it, new Waypoint to follow. I circled back and flew through it a second time......still nothing.

Sorry, but this addon is garbage, don't waste your money. I just got the add on . i hope everyone is wrong.. This is a terrible product. I have tried to fly two of the missions so far and nothing the way points and triggers don't work. First I flew the bush telegraph mission as another user had. I arrived at the strip and landed nothing happened taxied over to the ute parked on the field taxied around and around it still nothing, so i took off to see if that would trigger something nope not a thing. Also tried the sightseeing one around sydney took over as per the instructions and then you guessed it nothing happened no further dialogue turned on the mission compass still nothing only response i got was when i deliberately crashed the plane. don't waste your money this add on is not worth a single penny. Not recommended for the price. Very bad addon. If i could, i would request my money back.. Absolute Garbage. I trieda nd gave it every chance in case it was my user error, but this should be removed from the Steam Store and every purchaser refunded. ( Yep not a chance of that so Buyer Beware! Just plain does not work, interface and communication sucks, missions that work are a nightmare and the rest just annoy the hell out of you. Fair Dinkum they should have called it something else because this is an embarrasment to Australia.

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