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Foosball VR Download For Pc [Xforce Keygen]

Foosball VR Download For Pc [Xforce Keygen]

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About This Game

Foosball VR is a table football simulator focused on the same sensation you get from playing it in the real world. The player starts in a pub interior with a foosball table that stands in the middle. Access to the in-game menu is provided by pressing a physical button placed on the side of the table. Two flat screen TVs located near the ceiling show the current score of a match.

10 Game Modes

One of the great features of the full release is game modes. We have ten of them:
  • Standard - the most realistic foosball simulation you can get for VR,
  • Bomberman - you play with a ball that is, in fact, a bomb that explodes in short time intervals. Be sure to send it towards your opponent shortly before it goes off - he might lose some of the players for a couple of seconds,
  • Wiggle-Wiggle - have you ever wondered how it would be to play the game with rubber-like elastic footballers? Well, now you have a chance to try it out,
  • Ice Level - the whole foosball field gets frosted and instead of playing with a ball we play with an ice cube!
  • Pong - are you a fan of the 8-bit microcomputers or early arcade machines? After playing this game mode we are sure you will be,
  • Fast and Furious - good for reflex training. The ball can go faster or slower depending on the game pace but it will never do a full stop.
  • Size Doesn't Matter - depending on the game score - the ball will grow or shrink when being controlled by a particular player.
  • Goalkeeper Wars - this game mode exists in the real world too. Two goalkeepers defend each other shots.
  • Magnetic - you play a metal ball which is attracted by magnets placed behind the goalkeepers.
  • Portals - the ball can teleport from the one side of the table to the other.

Advanced Physics

We have put a lot of effort into development and testing to ensure that the ball behaves precisely as we observe it at a real-world table. The properties of all physical materials were set to values that close the gap between virtual and real world.

Smart AI

There are four levels of skills of the AI opponent. The player can choose from easy, medium, hard and terminator. By design, the terminator should be an almost unbeatable level of skills. It is only recommended for really experienced and skilled people. The main difference between these standards is based on AI's reaction time, reaction speed, execution speed and range of tricks that it can perform.

Match Helpers

Controlling four rows of footballers by one person is tough. To mitigate this, we have developed some helpers that help the player to achieve better results.
  • Snap handle helper - helps you with the moment when your hand is close to the handle, and it works in two distinct modes - ghost and interpolate. In the ghost mode, you will see a ghost image of the footballers showing you the resulting angle after you will finally grab the handle. In the interpolate mode you will see footballers actually rotating to the resulting angle before the grab.
  • Axis raise helper - helps you with shots from the defence by raising the midfield and offence rows whenever you control the goalkeeper and the defence rows.
  • Axis centre helper - helps you with defence by centring your goalkeeper and the defence rows whenever you move your hands to midfield and offence rows.

Spectator View

What looks good in the headset, doesn't look attractive on the 2D screen. We wanted to make spectating more pleasant. That is why by default on the monitor we don't show exactly what the player is seeing. The most area of the screen is covered by the top-down view on the table and a small frame of the player's VR view in the top-right corner. The player can swap these views at any time during the game by pressing a button on the controller. On top of that, to bring spectating on a whole new cinematic level, the player can trigger a "fly-around" camera and show the gameplay while showing the environment as well.

Player Position Configuration

We don't want the player to be constrained by his/her physical characteristic and by size of the room. With a press of a button on the controller, the player can adjust his/her position and height in the VR world to make the gaming more comfortable. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Foosball VR
Genre: Indie, Simulation, Sports
Release Date: 9 Nov, 2018


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7 or newer
  • Processor: Intel i5-4590 equivalent or greater
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD Radeon R9 290 or greater
  • Storage: 2 GB available space


Good for Early Access - Works with Windows Mixed Reality on 1060 6GB Nvidia card but with some performance issues even on medium settings. Graphics and gameplay show promise. Weird menu system. Looks and feels like table football BUT currently lacks multiplayer and the 'physicality' of frantic table football.

Its an early access game with a functional AI single player game and some degree of polish in terms of graphics and refined controls
It works with WMR headsets
It has a nice atmosphere
It has a nice table football feel to it and plays OK at easy level \/ casual play

No multiplayer - really needs this but actually makes sense for single player top be implemented first when playerbase is small
I was getting stuttering \/ reprojection on ULTRA down to High (about 5% of frames according to Steam Advanced settings)
Actually working out how to change the settings was a pain as the options button is not obvious and it uses a slightly weird radial selection system with short and long 'button presses - its ok once you realise that but was frustrating at first (devs - you need to signpost the options system better in terms of how to access \/ the need to 'rotate' the options by turning your hand... or offer a standard options menu as well).
I feel bad about this one but the game loses something because I can't feel the table :-).... you grab the bars but theres no sense of slamming or spinning them around the way you do in real life... its possible that some forcefeedback in the controllers might help (this is not fuinctioning in WMR \/ Steam currently so not the devs fault I know as WMR is not officially supported.

Good for Early Accessbut definitely needs some optimisation, tweaks and multiplayer.. I re-purchased this game again after receiving a message from the developer that an issue had been resolved, and it certainly now is worth 10\/10
Good game variations, and on the Vive it plays extremely well.
Good to know that there's someone there who listens and keeps an eye on the feedback.
Well done guys. Well done!! I tried another VR Foosball game and had to stop playing after a couple minutes because of how little real foosball skills translated into the game. I'm happy to say this game is very much the opposite! After a couple minutes, I forgot that I was in VR and it felt like I was playing with a real person. This is a fantastic game to improve your skills on and just have fun with.

Some points to improve on... The graphics look fantastic, but it seemed to run just a little slow on my GTX 1060 in the default very high settings it loaded in. I had to turn the settings down pretty low to get a perfect speed where I didn't think just a little less framerate would affect my game. Perhaps this could be optimized. The environment looks and feels fantastic, but once in a game, I don't really notice it and so I wish there was an option to make just the table max graphics and remove the envoronment. Even on medium settings, it doesn't look like there's any anti-aliasing and so you definitely notice the jaggies during play. Perhaps allow for more options in the graphic settings.

The second thing was actually changing the graphic settings. I'm on an oculus rift and it took me a minute to actually figure out how to change the graphics. I finally figured out it's a rotation type control where you have to turn your controller to change the settings. It was just an odd way of doing it when other parts of the interface was completely point and touch.

The last things that would make this game perfect would be to add multiplayer and to improve the AI. The AI at the max difficulty setting is pretty good, but every once in a while, just did something completely stupid like scoring on himself. It's still plenty good enough to be competitive enough, but there's room for improvement here (what are those little jerky movements he does sometimes? It's just stuff like that where you would never see a real player do).

Anyway, all that is mainly for the developer... If you're a fan of foosball at all, buy this game. This game is hands down the best Foosball experience in VR and is a fantastic way to have fun and improve your skills in a way that translates to an actual foosball table.. what can i say

well grathics are amazing but need a bit of optimizing
game plays well
it would be nice if you can feel a bit more vibration when hitting ball so it feals more real
local multiplayer would be good and online would be great
table designs would be good intead of one table type

but alltogether game has a lot of pottential. not bad
multiplayer and its a good and fun game

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