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Eve Of Souls: Static Pod Torrent Download [Xforce Keygen]

Eve Of Souls: Static Pod Torrent Download [Xforce Keygen]

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About This Game

Eve of Souls: Static Pod is a pixel game which is made of 10% of horror element, 30% of adventure, 20% cuteness, 20% suspension, and 20% of hard-core challenge.

✿ From the Developers ✿

We’d like to create a non-traditional horror adventure game that allows all gamers to enjoy.
Would you like to enjoy an adventure with a cute girl?
What secret lies beneath the surface.
How will you defeat the fallen?
Why use a key when you can kick the door open.

✿ About Early Access ✿

[There’ll are 5 chapters and EA ver will unlock 3 of them. The rest will unlock for free then they are done. Every chapter has Easter eggs and challenges, please don’t miss them!]

✿ Features ✿

*Mild Suspension: It’s pretty mild for the general audience, but if you dig deep, the story may be more than meets the eyes.

*Health and Spirit: Get injured you’ll lose health, get spooked you’ll lose spirit. Exhaust either, the character will surely perish.

*Character: You can use different approach to let your MC grow, this will let you conquer the levels differently. For example, physical training will buff her and let her take more damage, or even kick the door open.

*Lygophobia: The only thing she’s afraid of is the dark. So please, stay in the light.

*Monsters: They come in all flavours, some eats your spirit, some eats your soul!

*All kinds of solutions: Monsters and mysteries aside, there are other ways for you to solve a problem. When you can power through a hard part, try to think of a more intelligent way.

✿ Salute ✿

The Witch’s House, Yomawari: Midnight Shadows, Corpse Party, Resident Evil, Outlast 6d5b4406ea

Title: Eve of Souls: Static Pod
Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG, Early Access
LighTea Fish Studio
Release Date: Coming soon

English,Simplified Chinese

eve of souls static pod. eve of souls static pod

Toasters wanted!:

Hello, everyone!

Next week I'm launching a little arcade/puzzle game on Steam, which was approved and ready to release since forever (remember Steam GreenLight?). It's way different than what you'd expect from me after Iron Snout or Bacon May Die, but I feel like it might find its audience!

And it'll have Steam Trading Cards on launch, which I'm very excited about!

Get it on your wishlist now!

If you'd like to test it out before release, write me an email to and I will send a few keys out!

Cheers!. Volleyball ONLINE Multiplayer testing!:

EDIT: Volleyball ONLINE multiplayer is now available for everyone!

I bet you didn't expect for this to ever happen and neither did I! But here we are - the latest update added actual online multiplayer for Volleyball Mode. Currently hosting is only available for DLC owners, but anyone can be invited or join the game (Windows only for now).

Limitations and known issues:

  • It's P2P over Steam Networking so lag will be a problem
  • Spawning enemies on button press is not available
  • Multiple ball mode is completely untested
  • User interface needs to be improved
  • Stability issues when one player times out or quits the game
  • Custom outfits will not work

If you have DLC and got someone to test that mode out online - I would love to hear your feedback and ideas on how to improve it! You will find "HOST GAME" button in the Volleyball mode menu and after that others can join or be invited to the game.

Get DLC to look cooler:

Hope you'll like this addition and I'll try to think of more online game modes!

Cheers! Snouty things are happening!:

Hello, dearest snouts!

It's been a while since we talked and I'd like to share some things I'm currently working on with you!

Many of you asked about cosmetic items for the pig, some of you wanted a way to get the game to stay in the library, others were nice enough to ask for a way to support my game development. So, I finally found someone to help me with Iron Snout art and am happy to announce that a cosmetic DLC which should answer all previous questions is in development!

I will share more details as soon as possible, but for now I just want to assure you that outfits won't provide any in-game advantage, but hopefully it will give me some funds and motivation to update the core game with more content! Also, there is an idea about workshop integration, but that one is for the future!

Let me know what you think about this? Would you buy such DLC? What kind of character outfits would you like to see in Iron Snout?

Maybe next to wolf fighting you also have skills with vector art and would like to draw another skin for the DLC? If so, send me your portfolio to and maybe we can work something out!

Bacon May Die. Delayed update:
Hey, snout kickers! I have some bad news - I spent last few weeks in hospital and it is still unknown when I'll be able to get back go working on Iron Snout.. It's nothing too serious, just takes a while to heal and recover. I'll let you know, when I'll have more details myself!

Hope to see you soon!

You can find more info on my Twitter: Kids, leaderboards, volume & balance (updated Feb 8):

Feb 8

* default leaderboard is now showing position of your score instead of TOP 10

* enemies will not get knocked out of the screen anymore

* family-safe mode (F7) will not be reset after restarting the game anymore

* glitchy scores will now be displayed as 999999

* long steam names are being cut to 20 symbols

* glitchy stats will not be saved anymore, maybe that'll reduce achievement bugs

Feb 4

* BEST FIGHT leaderboard will be RESET in an hour or so. I'm checking if there are any big issues with this update before doing that. Read more.

* Turn on kid-friendly Iron Snout with F7. This will remove blood, heads, body parts, damage visuals, stuck projectiles. All the fun things!

* All enemy attacks should do 1 bacon of damage now. This was done thanks to a single review, which mentioned it and made me realize, that it was a bad idea, especially when higher damage attacks are also harder to avoid. This will help you to get a higher scores (so it makes sense to reset the leaderboard).

* Two achievements for 1HP mode (25 & 50 kills)

* New way to kill enemies - stray rockets from "rocket wolf" will now kill a single enemy they hit. Added a related achievement too.

* Added an INFO button which should open announcements in Steam Overlay Browser (Sorry, Mac users, that's still broken for you)

* Some smaller fixes and tweaks I already forgot

Related: Bug Report Thread, Resources for Video Creators. Iron Snout is Out!:

What a day. What a crazy day. My hands are shaking. My body wasn't ready.

Go, play it! Let me know what you think! I'm gonna be here all day for sure!. BUG FIXES:

Hello again!

Thank you all for reporting issues with the latest Iron Snout build. With your help I was able to solve most of them in today's update.

  • Fixed a crash related annoying mini wolf getting hit by other enemies
  • Fixed Mad Hatter and Hair Dresser achievements
  • Fixed multiple character frame glitches
  • Fixed hats turning into hardhats when they bounce off police shield
  • Created a new VS 100 leaderboard, since I can't find why it gets so many buggy scores

Hope that's gonna be enough for now!

Here's a random GIF from a new project (which is not Bacon May Die) I'm working on:


Hey awesome fighters!

Tired of dealing with wolves? Looking for a snack? Get my Toaster Jam game with whooping 40% discount! It has a bunch of fun levels, level editor, tarding cards, workshop integration and more crispy content coming soon!

Check it out:

P.s. if you have a Youtube/Twitch/Mixer channel, feel free to request the key via IndieBoost or Keymailer. Or write me a proper email at

Cheers! Dress your pig up with Snoutfit DLC!:

Hello hello!

I'm excited to announce that Snoutfit DLC, a pack of Iron Snout outfits and a nice way to support the developer (me), is now available on Steam!

Get it here, while it's hot and discounted:
To make it work I updated Iron Snout too, improved UI and fixed some of the most reported bugs.

Here's what happened in the latest update:
  • DLC-related features and user interface
  • Added outfit selection in main menu and in volleyball mode options
  • Nicer level selection widget
  • Added an option to turn off screenshake
  • Added an option to hide Steam username
  • Slightly increased size of street light hitboxes
  • Improved navigation between menus and game rooms
  • Stopped volleyball ball from bleeding
  • Game now remembers previously selected game mode
  • Players now drop their items after gaining a point in volleyball mode
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed stretching in fullscreen of certain resolutions (l16:10)
  • Fixed multiple glitches related to "ghost" items
  • Fixed item indicators in volleyball mode
  • Fixed projectiles not doing damage in volleyball mode
  • Fixed projectiles being reflected to wrong direction in volleyball mode

At the moment this update is for Windows only, but I'll try to update Linux and Mac as soon as possible.

I'm giving away a bunch of DLC keys on Twitter, so if you have an account there and would like to try your luck, retweet this to enter:. Final States:
Hi everyone, thanks for the attention.

This game is in its final states and with some tweaks we'll release it. Please stay tuned.

There's also a demo u can try. Please find it in the store page.

Thank you!

Your dev

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