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Dynomite Deluxe Torrent Download [key Serial Number]

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Title: Dynomite Deluxe
Genre: Casual
PopCap Games, Inc.
PopCap Games, Inc.
Release Date: 30 Aug, 2006


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Dynomite Deluxe is a bubble game. If you don't like your basic facebook bubble games, this game is probably not for you. However, it has options for gameplay that are far different from the average bubble game.

Please note:<\/b> I played this game a ton as a child, so I'm biased to like this game, however I have played 22 hours of it on steam, so I can explain reasons other than nostalgia that you might also love it.

Dynomite Deluxe follows your basic bubble game mechanics. You have a shooter at the bottom of the puzzle, and you toss different colored eggs to try and match pairs of 3 or more. Simple. Your different gamemodes include endless, puzzle, fossil, and time trial, each with a different goal in mind.

Let's go over endless first. In endless mode, your goal is to get a high score, plain and simple. In this mode, the puzzle creeps down towards the warning rope line, if an egg touches said line then an extremely loud warning noise plays (I'm not joking, the sound that plays is actually atrociously loud) and you have a short time to clear the eggs to a point above the warning line before the momma dino gets angry and crushes the puzzle. I'm not joking. That's part of the game. You start off with only a few colors, the number of colors you start with changes depending on the overall difficulty, and after a period of time a lizard on the right side of the screen will say "Doiii Whirley's coming!" After which a purple pterodactyl will quickly move in a zig-zag upwards from the bottom of the screen holding a new color of egg to the current puzzle. If you don't break the egg whirley is holding, that color of egg gets added to the pool of egg colors. However, if you do break the egg, the puzzle starts to move down faster.

Puzzle mode is exactly what it sounds like, you clear puzzles to 0 eggs remaining on screen. Every few egg placements, the puzzle drops lower, a similar mechanic to existing bubble games. Nothing particularly new.

Time trial: You clear x amount of lines with y amount of colors, both variables depending on difficulty. You clear 60 lines on easy, 30 on medium, and 15 on hard. You can take as long as you want, but the goal is to get the fastest time.

Fossil mode: The goal for this gamemode is interesting. You have a fossil fragment in the middle of your puzzle. Your goal is to clear the eggs above the fossil, by ricocheting eggs around it, to make the fossil drop, and that's the basis of it. You can choose to make the puzzle drop down a large amount in intervals (called "strategic" mode), or have it creep very slowly downward from the get-go, and on the same intervals as strategic mode, have the puzzle speed up (Called "Action" mode). For the most part, the former is the easier method, but no matter which one you choose you're probably not reaching the end without save scumming because of the sheer number of fossils you'd have to clear to reach the end.

Pros and cons<\/b>
*Fun for all ages
*Great music
*Cheap for its quality
*Multiple game modes, each with unique mechanics that are in no way gimmicky (Only exception being puzzle mode bricks)
*Gameplay suited to 3 sensible difficulty levels
*Cute dinosaur graphics
*Simple, gameplay is exactly what you see

-Fossil mode becomes nearly impossible without save-scumming
-Puzzle mode is similarly difficult for similar reasons
-Default high scores aren't easy to beat
-Runs at a very low resolution

I definitely recommend the game, I got way more out of this game than the hour-per-dollar ratio I normally look for in a video game, and for its age I think it's still very good, and well worth its price. If you're skeptical, the game does go on sale from time to time, and you can get it then if you're even remotely interested.. Amazing Children's Game! Recommend 8/10 it is very long and hard FYI.. i don't remember it having terrible physics when i was 5. is the boom boom puzzle bubble. A Pure Fun Classic.. Nice, Light-hearted puzzle game. It's a fun little game, and when I say little I mean it! The graphics are long outdated and you'll have to run it in boxed mode just to not be annoyed by it. The size of the box though, will not be much larger than the screenshot on this page - that small!
However it's a nice game. I played it for the first time back in the 90' and it has the same features now as then. It has four modes; Endless Puzzle<\/i>, Stomped Puzzle<\/i>, Fossil Challenge<\/i> and Time Trial<\/i>.

In Endless Puzzle<\/i> you have to shoot eggs at the eggs pushed down the screen, making matches of three or more, to break them and make them fall before they reach the rope at the bottom. When the sand runs out in the hourglass the dino Whirley will come flapping, trying to add a new colour to the eggs making in more difficult and you have to shoot him down for it not to happen.

In Stomped Puzzle<\/i> the mother dino gets mad when you break the eggs and will lower the roof when her anger reaches the top of the meter. When you clear the screen her anger will go back down and you'll get a new formation of eggs to beak as fast as possible.

In Fossil Challenge<\/i> you get a formation of eggs with a piece of a fossil in it, the goal of the game is to shoot the eggs to make them drop and the fossil along with them. Take too much time and the roof is lowered.

In Time Trial<\/i> you have to pop eggs as fast as possible.

Only buy this if you're really passionate about this game or it's on a really generous sale, you'll kick yourself otherwise.

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