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Original Title: Drifters

Genge: Animation,Action,History





































Various historical fighters are summoned from across time to wage war on each other, with the fate of the world in the balance.
The Drifters are a league of exemplary warriors from across history - the samurai Shimazu Toyohisa, the ninja Nasu, a World War 2 pilot, an Imperial Japanese naval officer, and a host of others - brought to an alternate Earth to fight and destroy the Ends, a similar group who have decided to take over the Earth instead of protecting it.
After watching 6 episodes of Drifters I came here to see a review of what others thought but there are none so I must now do so. I'm not going to try to spoil anything but I tagged it anyways because the review warning blacklist was intimidating.

The animation style is heavily reminiscent of the original Hellsing, which is to say it's not amazing in detail or precision but has a dark artistic vibe to it. Personally I really like it except for the way the main characters nose is but that's a minor issue. There are short cut scenes that are in a style of a "short person nature" for humour, if your idea of humour is having Nobunaga Oda burning down peasants wheat fields. (Which mine apparently is)

The basic plot has random war heroes from seemingly any point in time, which were about to meet their death, taken to the gates of life and death. Instead of ascending or descending, a mysterious clerk assigns them to a door, in the main characters case, Midgard. I say Midgard because there are a lot of "not quite" humans in the new world they are at but it seems to take the people from their more traditional historical narratives.

We haven't gotten too many actual names yet and I don't want to spoil much but we get all sorts such as the Shimazu, Minamoto, and Oda for Japan. Hannibal and Scipio for the Rome and Carthage. Even Gilles "french word" Rais, who was featured in Fate. I mean you can just look at the shows cast and see all this and more. (For example Joan of Arc is here and I didn't realize until reading it here)

It's bloody and unapologetic but within reason, not too gory or having an excess of forced sex like some other shows but doesn't hide that it has happened either. Nobunaga's tactics involving a lot of feces are crude but quite viable and he's an absolute madman. They did a good job showing off his demonic personality while still humanizing him quite a bit.

Honestly, this is the show I had hoped Fate was going to be when I first heard about the base concept and personal bias I would give this show a 10 but I understand that it has flaws and wanted to give a more accurate review for others to judge by. One Word: GLORIOUS. How about A series with Adolf Hitler, Oda Nobunaga, and Hannibal In the same time? Glorious. If you love History, you will love it. But, have you ever thought how a Japanese Zero fighter fares against a Dragon? Or, How a Gatling Gun Fares Against a Sword? Or, How good a Human Gun made by the Dwarfs work? Or, maybe, an Aircraft Carrier against a Man'O'War? Watch It.

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