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Original Title: No Man's Range

Genge: Action,Drama,Western







































Summoned by Ed Oliver, Jim Hale and sidekick Fuzz arrive at Oliver's ranch to find a range war in progress. Unknown to Jim, Ed Brady has kidnapped Oliver and replaced him with a stooge. Brady is after the Green ranch and Jim and Fuzz now set out to help Helen Green.
There aren't many mysteries in this Bob Steele western -- just a question of how to untangle them. Bob's new to the valley to see the stepfather he's never seen, who's told him he can have half the ranch, only to find that there's a range war on, with Roberta Gale being squeezed out by the man Bob has just shot in a crooked poker game, claiming to be his stepfather.... but Steve Clark has someone gagged in his basement and has hired Bob, despite knowing who Bob is. Meanwhile the sheriff is looking for Bob. Not that Bob believes anyone, except Miss Gale: what a man won't do for a pretty face!

It's an interesting story, but director Robert Bradbury's unit isn't the one to carry it off -- he's much better as an action director, and the action doesn't start to take off until the last quarter hour. George Hayes, who seems to have been acting as dialogue director for the Steele pictures when around, seems to have left the unit -- he wouldn't work with Steele again until 1940 -- and the lack of acting chops shows. As a result, this one remains watchable, but by no means one of Steele's best. No Man's Range finds Bob Steele entering a range war without really knowing who the good and bad guys are. Steele's come to this valley with his rather ancient sidekick Buck Connors in answer to a summons from a stepfather he's never met. It seems as though while he was away, this individual married Bob's mother who subsequently died. The fact that Bob's never met his stepfather before allows an unscrupulous gang of outlaws to take full advantage of the situation. But I assure you not for long, not for the less than hour running time of this B western.

I won't give it away, but the audience is let in early in the game just what the gang is pulling. It would have been much better had it been sprung at the climax. Still there's enough riding and shooting to satisfy the western audience crowd who thrives on that stuff.

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