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Original Title: Still Living In God's Universe

Genge: Animation,Action,Drama,Romance


































Sarah is a Christian woman with Epilepsy. In this sequel to A Beating Heart and Cracked Ceiling, Sarah describes her middle childhood years in Coyote, Arizona. (Coyote, Arizona is a fictional town.) Sarah alternates from the present, to the past while she tells about her life story. There are other characters in the film: Elian, Francis McAllen, Belinda, Gary, Jaclyn, and others. Sarah discusses loneliness and her walk with God.
10 out of 10 for two reasons. Cora Clifford included one of my favorite characters, Pa Quinton, from the book series. That was pretty bold considering who Pa Quinton is in the book series. For those of you who have never read the book series, I am posting spoilers. Don't read this film review if you are barely reading Kiss Me Goodbye or God and the Coyote for the first time. Pa Quinton is a serial killer and a full time attorney in the small fictional town Coyote, Arizona. Pa help funds the Catholic school, St. Mary's, and is a complete jerk with his son Elian. Pa and Elian are rascals that I love. The Pa and Elian relationship on film was similar to the book. I loved it that Pa got to be in this film because most animated filmmakers would not include him. Another character that was present in the film that I really like is Francis McAllen. Francis gets into trouble, she's beautiful, and she's stupid. I love watching Francis in any film because she is a train wreck and her dad is the town drunk.
This movie is a sequel to A Beating Heart and Cracked Ceiling. I like this movie because there are three good story lines in it. Sarah gets to be a teenager and a little girl in this movie. Gary and Belinda are so funny and I like it when Sarah has them. Sarah also has on screen heat with Professor Palm and Elian! Francis McAllen is strong again.In the movie, Francis is trying to be a cheerleader and get accepted by her peers. Her boyfriend Tom is a two face and sell out.Francis is not so invincible as she was in the earlier film. The character I hate the most is "Pa." Pa is an old hypocrite but he's interesting on film. I also like this film because all of the characters keep getting into trouble. The end is kind of sad too and I do feel bad for Francis.

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