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About This Game

In a Magical, far away Realm, Seven Kingdoms lived in harmony....
Until one day... When the sky rained fire.
Its time for legendary heroes to rise once again!

Welcome to the magical world of "Dragon Kingdom War: Puzzle RPG", an adventure that combines addictive game play from turn-based strategy, role playing, card battle & gems matching.

Collect the best cards and grow an epic army to battle your enemies for thrones. Become the best dragons, werewolves, vampires and other amazing monsters summoner! Upgrade, level up and evolve your cards to get the best from your heroes. Gather all the Gods from all popular mythologies, and force them to fight for you in your journey.

- 7 chapters with 378 challenging levels
- 841 heroes with unique abilities
- 378 levels
- 5 categories of heroes divided by uniqueness and power levels: average, superior, rare, epic and legendary.
- 5 type of elements: earth, water, light, darkness and fire
- 71 unique Hero Spells/ Abilities/ Special Powers
- multiplayer ally system for extra help/boost
- ability to befriend fellow gamers
- diamonds as ultimate resource

Join us in an epic adventure, chose your Hero and start building your own team.
Earn Coins and Diamonds, Defeat enemies and powerful bosses.

Capture Monsters and Dragons and recruit them in your own team.

You will meet characters and creatures from all Major Western and Eastern Mythologies: Zeus, Thor, Hera, Hercules, Anubis, Hyperion, Loki, Maya, Poseidon, Nosferatu, Goliath, Raa, Apollo, Fujin, Kronos, Raphael, Medusa, Sphinx, Davy Jones, Spartans, Centaurs, Griffins, Phoenix, Cyclops, Werewolves, Vampires, Spirits, legendary Warriors and Ninja, Dragons and a lot more!

This will be the quest for Peace, the place where Myths and Legends meet and History waits to be written.

Will you fulfill the Legendary prophecies and become a Dragon Tamer and Bringer of Peace in the Realm?

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Title: Dragon Kingdom War
Genre: Casual, Indie, RPG, Strategy
Play Spirit Limited
Play Spirit Limited
Release Date: 10 Feb, 2017


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows Vista, 7/8/10
  • Processor: Pentium IV 1.2 Ghz processor or faster
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 128MB Graphics card or greater
  • Storage: 100 MB available space


This is some sort of CCG-match3 game. By playing, you get characters. These make up your party. Match matching stones and they damage the enemies. You can sacrifice unused chars for XP. Also, you can evolve the chars to better looking and mightier versions. And it is boring as hell!
Evolution would be one of the more fascinating features, but either I was unbelievably unlucky, or four hours of gameplay aren't enough. Fusing is just trashing trash cards. The game is repetetive, the characters lack interesting features, I can't imagine why someone would keep playing it.
The only thing - and an ingenious at that - is the match3 component. It is A: Plan your move, B:move one gem freely around the board until the timer runs out, C: during movement shuffle the passed gems around like in a slide-tile puzzle. This is quite amazing! And needs much better control than the game offers to be used precisely. So no recommendation here either.
This game suffers from the insufferable mobile game market. You can smell the F2P-premium currency scam all over the game. You can buy it on PC, but I don't think, they accounted for it progressionwise.

Follow my curator at https:\/\/\/curator\/28337205-Fair-Minded-Witness\/<\/a>. Game is a fun tactics based rpg. Character designs are pretty original.
One suggestion would be to make players vs player function.
I'm a big fan of tactical games that require some thinking.
Yes, the difficulty of this game isn't exactly the hardest, but it's fun to play and with all the heroes you could acquire, it has a lot of possibilities. Not exactly the most challenging game I've ever played, but I encourage everyone who likes the FE-series to play it.
Given the amount of chars and skills, this forces a lot of tedious grinding to max out levels.
I like the game, and will continue to play it for now.
There are many classes that are generally well balanced.
Seemed like a lot when I first started, because I'm the type who likes to read everything and understand before jumping in, but after playing for a bit, it's not difficult at all.
. This is one of the best puzzle games I've played in a long time. I haven't been really playing long enough to give a fairer rating, but for now, i'd say around a 9\/10. with my rating here being where I predict I'll be mid-late game.

The gameplay's pretty decent too, and the expansive roster of enemies from all over the kingdoms will leave you collecting. Older players might generally not enjoy this sort of genre, but younger players will most likely suck it in like a lollipop.

I'm 23 and I enjoy this game a lot! There are plenty of puzzles to stimulate your mind, not just for kids but for young adults as well.
There are many cute and awesome creatures especially dragons that get more intimidating as they evolve. Though I do wish they would put more dragons in the early missions and did a better job with creating a story line, but it's still pretty fun and with this pricing I can't complain.
This is definitely one of my favorites for the Puzzle games, much more fun than expected, there's quite a bit of thinking that goes into building your teams and using skills\/element weakness in order to win. It's a good game to pick up and go if you want to do a quick puzzle or play longer if you want to evolve and advance your team going to higher levels to catch more creatures to become stronger. It's also fun to learn different strategies in the way you move the gems to make combos, I would recommend this game to anyone who enjoys a good and unique puzzle game.. Great game. The game is really nice for rpg gamers, the mechanics were hard to figure out at first, but that's because I'm new to these types of games.
Has all the components I was hoping for and more! Takes a bit to wrap your head around it but it's worth it!
Just an awesome way to pass the time if bored.
I'm betting this is going to present some challenges which I'm going to accept and beat.
Easily my all time favorite go to game.
I LOVE quest based MMORPG games. I started playing them a long time ago. This satisfies all my cravings
I like the way they need us to like get cards to evolve just one monster. Some people think it is hard to do.
BELIEVE me I do think of that too. But this is also like other rpg games where you need to do some things to get something better. ^^ :)
You won't be disappointed!
A brilliant game!
. Love it. I enjoy the game lots. Love how u have such a diversity with characters. Skills are amazing too. Highly recommended
Good graphics and easy gameplay.
The play though is already addicting with the multitude of things to do.

I\u2019ve been playing for 8 hours so far. Very stable and fun. At least no crash\/bug I can find.

Great variety of characters, and I hope you keep introducing more and more.
Anime-lovers would definitely can\u2019t get enough of this.
Would be great to have a hero album or something

What I like:
-Definitely reminds you of Puzzle and dragon (Nintendo) at a better price
-Endless hour of game play for less than $10
-One of the most unique card game with its own graphics style.. I\u2019ve never seen a card battle game with cute anime characters so far

What I dislike:
-No steam achievements
-This game attracts a lot of haters who talked badly about it without even having a copy
-Suspected paid sabotage from competitors.. Very nice strategy\/cards game... really puts your tactics to test. Using your brain is a must-do in this game
try to form the best team you can... level up the monsters, fuse them together to create more powerful creatures...
It feels like this game has a huge number of heroes and monsters so there are endless combinations for your team
I guess its all a matter of taste, tactics and personal preferences in the end
I am not sure where the last 4 hours of my life went... time sure flies when playing this cause it keeps you on your toes.
This kinda game that will make you addict, try it!
Amazing graphics, well balanced and cool heroes !!!. Don't be fooled by the positive reviews. They are all similarly written, and they all say very generic positive things about this game that are often just wrong (eg. "story is interesting" when there is practically no story). Most likely fake reviews from friends and\/or a paid service.

This game combines several common mechanics of mobile games, and do...

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