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About This Game

Divergence: Year Zero sets the stage for what would become the "Divergence" universe in a modern-survival adaptation and prequel to Divergence 5d3b920ae0

Title: Divergence: Year Zero
Genre: Action, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, RPG, Early Access
Stained Glass Llama
Stained Glass Llama
Release Date: 16 Oct, 20


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: AMD or Intel
  • Me


divergence year zero

This review is for those of you still on the fence about the "Divergence" games. Review the progress of the previous, incomplete effort, prior to this re-branding I was curious if this was in any way better or different than Divergence: Online, so I had to check for myself. What follows is an honest accounting of the current state of the game - everything here can be verified. Before you seriously consider sinking money into this game, even on a speculative basis, you should look at ther reviews for "Divergence: Online". Consider how many years have passed and led to the reviews as you read each one, positive and negative, and decide for yourself if you have faith that either of these games will ever truly amount to anything worth playing. This is not a new game, just more of the same with a different skin. Effectively, what you have here is the result of taking the same base engine and UI, downloading an assortment of "modern survival" assets from the Unity Store, and rebranding D:O for a different audience. While this sort of pivot isn't bad, in and of itself, the reasons behind this "prequel" are suspect considering the original game could have been enhanced using the original title. Instead, the developer cited that the original audience for D:O was "too niche" to make further development financially feasible, so you end up with what you see here which is a fairly blatant money grab and no better as a game than D:O, which is the product of several years of effort. Please do not buy this game if you expect, .well., an actual game. This feels more like your college buddy's experiments with a commercial engine as he puttered around and made some mishmash game which barely runs and every game system feels like a cardboard cutout storefront in a fake western town on some B-movie film lot where things may appear pretty from the outside but nothing really works. The developers themselves, especially Ethan, are openly rude and dismissive. Verify this yourself by simply reading their responses to criticism in Divergence Online reviews and forums. Support from the dev team on their first EA title or their handful of game support folks can take days or weeks, and that's if you find the support channel or forum they happen to be paying attention to that week and if you phrase the request in the precise format that leaves them with the fewest lookups - again, verify this for yourself on the forums. "Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain" Please don't buy this game on speculation, based solely on people throwing such words around as "promise" or "potential". Those two words are the anethema to useful reviews as all they do is spotlight the shallow foundational shell of a game which really has more to do with the engine than the game itself, which is devoid of content or direction, and give zero consideration for the multitude of systematic flaws at the core of the game's immature and ameteur development team, broken developlent process, and questionable business/support model. Inform yourself with even a little research on this game. If, ultimately, you decide you want to support this game with your financial support, despite every warning online against doing so, don't say you weren't warned. If you do buy the game, buy it through Steam instead of through the game's own web storefront. If you do not buy it through Steam you will likely never receive a refund should you choose to pursue one. Remember also that you have up to two weeks and cannot exceed two hours of "played" time if you want to return the game through steam. Trust me, two hours is plenty to see this product for what it is.. Ok. Bought it, kinda hyped and Schit. Create account: Steam refuses connection. "uhu. erm." Check Forums. Oh nice. The Devs left the sinking ship before it even got hit by a freakn iceberg. God damn. Why is Steam still selling this? There is no game. I mean, literally, no game just the loading screen. Refund, thanks.. So, let me start off by saying I'm a little shocked. I noticed a great amount of the in game assets. Are very similiar if not exact to the game this is inspired by (Star Wars Galaxies) such as the hairstyles and very much especially the skill tree which has nearly class by class and skill box for skill box resemblance. While I do hope a SWG 2.0 becomes a thing, there is a lot of work to be done, especially in terms of producing original asset content if this going to be the price tag of this game and it's MMO parent (Divergence Online). I wandered around for about 30 minutes and the world felt more like a tech demo to me than an actual Early Access game I normally find on Steam. I clipped through the ground multiple times, there appeared to be no spawns of any sort of lootable objects within the vicinity, even outside the starting zone. Clicking on objects is very glitchy, and apparently examining things doesn't work at the moment. Granted I did read the noob tip that spawning is currently haywire, so there is that to go with. However I cannot recommend somebody pay a steep 30 bucks for this, maybe in the future when it is more polished.. Awesome Game, lots of future! Great Job!. Awesome Game, lots of future! Great Job!. I bought the game with some reservations. Way to many issues in 30min play time. I get its early but it needs to be at least somewhat playable. Currently its not. Refunded it and will keep my eye on it as it goes through Early Access, hope it gets better. I may return.. Alpha Smalpha!!! The game should at least be playable even in alpha. The game and the price are a joke this game maybe would be worth 4.99. Dont waste your money or your time. STEAM how about a little quality control on these games.. This game i play so far is very very good. Very friendly Developers and nice people to play with. the graphics is very nice too. its balanced with skill tree and basebuilding, this game have mass vehicles such Tanks, Hellis. It have Zombies,Wolfs,Bears and other highend animals. You can craft your weapon and it have mass variations of weapons and armors helms boots gloves. Power generators massive basebuilding, massive items to find and craft, survey kit to find mineral suck aluminium, gas, iron, copper and more to to find to every location. It have horses to mount! Yeah you heard right! You can find horses and mount them, is companion on the total world abomination.

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