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Discovering Colors - Animals Free Download [Keygen]

Discovering Colors - Animals Free Download [Keygen]

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About This Game

This application can be used by a child without the help of an adult, but remember that the interaction you have while playing with them is the best educational gift a child can receive.

Discovering Colors - Animals features:
- 12 drawings which come alive when the child colors them in!
- 4 additional drawings to unlock.
- A free painting mode.

Ideas and tips:
- Parents should join in on the first few plays.
- Learn color names by saying them aloud!
- Talk about the kinds of animals the child is bringing to life.


Title: Discovering Colors - Animals
Genre: Casual
Release Date: 13 Apr, 2016


Remember why I've thumbed down the game? It was because I couldn't identify some nuances and because no color had a name somewhere to help whoever had color problems. Since then, the developer managed to correct that - he was very understanding of that and here's the result: the update I was waiting for.

However, there is still a warning: I've played ABC Coloring Town<\/b>. Avoid this one. If you really want a digital color book, spend on your money on Discovering Colors - Animals.

So let's go change a few points.

Steam is opening itself to other customers and I can see that many educational games are also sold on it. While it's true that the platform isn't for all ages, parents are using their account to buy them and generally, they're keeping an eye on what the kid is doing. For a so young audience, I can point to It's Spring Again and Big Thinkers Kindergarten.

What's Discovering Colors - Animals?

It's a coloring "interactive" book. Indeed, the kid choose an animal, colors it with the pencils proposed and when they're done, an animation is triggered either automatically or manually - depending on the current mode.

Indeed, you can find three modes: coloring, free and painting. Sorry if it's not corresponding to the real English words but I've played it in French.

  • Coloring<\/b>: Each image part has a color tag. The kid takes the pencil with the same color and clicks on the element. If they're wrong, they'll see it visually. When they're done, the animation is beginning automatically. This mode is the only one that can unlock four new drawings.
  • Free<\/b>: The kid is in front of an empty animal. They're free to choose any color they want among those proposed. Like in the previous mode, if they click on a element, it will be colored. This mode allows the child to trigger the animation at any moment.
  • Painting<\/b>: It's similar to the previous mode, apart that the child is coloring the drawing as if they have real pencils. There is no more automatic coloring and no animation can be triggered.<\/li><\/ul>
    It means that if the kid begins with Painting, they can let their imagination run wild and then compare with the vision of the developers through Coloring.

    But these creations can't be exported. If you want a trace of them, you need to take a screenshot (as advised in the info menu). If you don't, when exiting the drawing, everything will disappear.

    There is also an editor where the kid can draw what they want, with all the pencils unlocked. Again, you can't save his creation. You need to take a screenshot (Steam allows you to take screenshots easily, luckily).

    What does change now?

    Apart that finally, an adult struggling with colors is now more at ease to identify them and to explain them to a child. There was a color I couldn't identify as being light brown or grey, now, I can say that it's brown. I could also be picky about some colors but I'm pretty sure that my mom will disagree with me, as she's more accurate for that than me.

    Now, the title isn't misleading anymore: you can activate an option that will allow an audio file to play with the name of the color. Each time you're clicking on a pencil, the name will be played. I'm just a little disappointed that the voice is well-known as it's like being read by a computer. But hey, it's already better than nothing. And for the adult, it's a lifesaver there if (s)he had indeed problems to identify them.

    The animals are easy to recognize though I'm wondering why there is an alien in them. The only missing thing here is probably the name of the animal (no need to have an audio file, however, the name to color could be nice). But well, if the aim of the developer is to let a maximum of freedom to the adult, I'll concede this point: it will be less confusing for them to recognize an animal than a color.

    Now, while I do think that there are probably more opportunities to improve this PC\/Mac version (like the animation in the end with a little story, little facts about the animals or the colors), the developer listened and managed to find some alternative to make sure that a larger public can play it.

    Discovering Colors isn't expensive and can amuse a child. Right now, it has stepped up above a simple coloring book on paper. With the new option, it's making it more interactive. And despite the cold and metallic voice, the audio option, which will probably make some crazy if you switch too often in a short span of time, is really what was missing for me to provide a thumb up.

    There is room to improve a game and the developer managed to see that: even the mobile version will be updated. I'm glad to have discussed with him - we didn't have a problem to discuss easily as we're both speaking French, the language being our native one.. ok, now I'm waiting for the "Discovering Colors - Vehicles". This is great. Wish there were more categories and pages though. Since buying it for my daughter to play, I have been asked for it nearly everyday. There really needs to be more of these kinda games on steam.

    Guess it really is time to just jump into game dev myself.. I got this game for my 2 year old son. Though he can't use a mouse properly, he loves the colors and the animations when completeing a picture. I actually found myself playing it for a bit after he went off to do something else. If you have kids, this is a great game and at $2 it's actually cheaper than a coloring book. You also unlock more pictures as you play, though I'm not sure how many there are total, but I'm expecting to get a lot of time out of this.. A very simple game with very limited colour choices, it could be better off with variety of colours like Colour Pencil Box.
    This game is very simple yet it has some bug that upon touch\/click colour on drawing it remain blank.
    To simply put, the content has roughly 12 drawing. Each with limited 7-8 choices of colour only but still is good for the toddlers to click around and learn the how to use and move the mouse at the same time havin fun with the animation and catchy tunes.

    Dev should consider putting in more content and more variety type of animal that are normally seen by toddlers;
    such as Elephant, Bambi (Deer), Cute Fluffy Bunny Rabbit, Giraffe, Lion, Dinosaur, Hippotamus, Little Mouse, Cat and Dog
    those creature that are usually seen at Flash Card or Toddler books and that would be great help.
    For the current lack of content...This game worth best at 80% discount, for 70% is still acceptable and fair but definitely not at FULL PRICE.

    Hopefully Dev could update the content with more Cute Animal and more Variety of Colour Pencil Choices. Anyway Thanks dev for making this fun and colourful game avail in STEAM.. Harder than Dark souls

    Really though, this is a nice little game and if you have kids I'm sure they'd love the play it. The music is really catchy. I've ran into a couple bugs, but nothing major and I've let the devs know about them so they should be fixed soon. The drawings are really nice and they have cheeky little animations once you fill them in.


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