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About This Game

The parasitarias cerebrum cancer, or the Dance Dance Party Hat as it was originally marketed, was the No.1 selling party accessory of 2082 on our world. Attach the hat to one of those white wine spritzer drinking wallflowers and watch as they dance like nobody's watching (and occasionally lose control of their bladder). In 2092, the scientific community had discovered thousands of medical uses for the party hats, or brain crabs as they were now referred. These ranged from a remedy for ADHD for small children to curing erectile dysfunction in the elderly. No one knew where they originally came from but, wow, they made us feel sexy!
Over time the brain crab became our friend, our family, and our go-to guy.

Nobody expected what happened 2096 reports started to emerge that users of the brain crab were unable or unwilling to remove their purple-headed friends. Over the following months, the crabs started to slowly burrow into the host's skulls and this triggered some sort of transformation in the host's DNA - mutating them into grotesque monsters, beasts, and croc wearers. Not even the sweet release of death was enough for these cheeky symbiotic crustaceans to let their hosts go; die and they would have you back up within an hour, chatting about the latest fad diet to hit the crabby world - and we are so tired of dieting. Please help us - kill us, kill us allllll!!!

The dimension ship USS Ulysses' crew has been infected with a deadly inter-dimensional biomechanical parasite.

The ship's crew has activated all of the dimension gates allowing the virus to spread throughout time and space causing anomalies and destruction across the ship.

It's your mission to:

  • Destroy the infected crew.
  • Close all of the dimensional gates
  • Hunt and exterminate any infected in other dimensions
  • Destroy the Ulysses before it destroys every dimension!

We know what you're thinking, not another skinless zombie shooter mission, well don't be a Pessimistic Pete. Our scans show lots of species and Dimensions have been infected so before you know it you will be slaughtering aliens, werewolves, cyborgs, dinosaurs, demons, and weird fish men that we don't even have a name for yet...let's call them Jeff...death to all JEFFS!!!! MFING JEFFS KILLED MY WIFE…. JJJJEEEFFFFF!!!!... ETC!!!

We will send you weapon upgrades and care packages as and when we can but it's not Christmas, so don't expect a lot.

We have also fitted you with our patent pending anti-brain crab helmet, it's our only prototype so please give it a polish before returning home. Your helmet will afford you some protection but it's not going to stop them from trying to get to your grey matter. As my mother always used to say, “A clean, crab-free helmet is close to godliness”...... my mother was insane, obviously, but still great advice.

Dimension Hunter allows you to immerse yourself in this tongue in cheek, over the top, retro-arcade experience, with a unique choice of free or railed movement. Fast paced, hardcore, fluid gameplay mechanics with a unique, and yet familiar, comic book style of carnage and gore.

Dimension Hunter gives you a unique mix of 17 locomotion methods from arcade railed to free Thumbstick movement and everything in between. Play the way you want to play!


Title: Dimension Hunter VR
Genre: Action, Indie
Pocket Money Games
Pocket Money Games
Release Date: 22 Sep, 2017


  • OS: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1 or later, Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel i5-4590 equivalent or better
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
  • Sound Card: N/A
  • Additional Notes: VR ONLY!


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Stylish and fun shooter! If you’ve got the VR legs, switch it off of rails movement and get into it! Fun mini tactical scenarios; hide behind an X, shoot at approaching X. Loads of style, plenty of fun, and from me? Thumbs: UP!. Was Pleasantly Surprised, This is Awesome!

- Beautiful Graphics!
- Fun Game Play!
- Unique Locomotion!
- Freedom to move Around!
- Price! Note: I Purchased while on Sale!
- Has Replay Value!

- I didn't Find Any...oh wait, it takes practice too get far it isn't easy! but, Maybe, that's because I Suck? hehehe...

Overall: This Game is Awesome! Well worth the money spent! Alot of Fun and Very Unique! Thumbs Up!. If there was an award for games that look and feel the most natural fit for VR, this would probably win it for 2017. It's up there with Arizona Sunshine and Space Pirate Trainer in my "Hey come try my VR" shooters playlist.
Each level only has one type of enemy and it's pretty repetitive, but I'm just about finished my first playthrough on Normal difficulty, and at no point have I felt bored with it. The T-Rex was a challenge, but I think there was an update or bug that made the velociraptors stop spawning after a while, and then I got the hang of pausing him with the rocks and shooting with the pistol. It was pretty hard to lose then. All the bosses are a bit like that, but still, the first time you reach each one is always buzzy, giant effing cyber-ninjas and demons and aliens man, little bulb headed grey aliens! Man I love this game. Think TimeCrisis with a SinCity skin. Rails mode was a fun change of play style, I recommend that for VR newbies. If the sale pack is still on, their other games are worth getting as part of the bundle. Both were enjoyable and polished. All their games are rip-offs of old classics, but the level of polish and comfort is high. Maybe not quite The Lab, but they just feel right. These guys nailed the VR concept.. Great game. The demo was great and I was looking forward to playing the full release. The locomotion is one of the best I've come across. You squeeze the left grip in the direction you want to go. It worked surprisingly well. Of course you can customize how it works. Broke a sweat and beat it in about 2 hours. Definitely worth the purchase and supporting the devs. Good job! Looking forward to more content/future releases!
. Thank you very, very, very much for not letting the fans and myself down by fixing the issue of crashing when you first play the game... This is a great game and is still one of my favorites considering its age in the V.R. world.... Thanks again and cant wait for the next game you release!. Awesome game, love the style and humor. Hope to see more from this developer on this game and in general.. I like VR FPS a lot, and when I saw that Dimension Hunter was on offer, I checked out the trailer and dug the idea of the comic book style presentation and the fact that it had free locomotion.

Alas, it quickly became evident that the free locomotion was nothing more than an absolute afterthought, in a game designed to be a narrow "on rails" shooter with forced locomotion.
I played the first hour (more than half the campaign) with free locomotion, but the gameplay is so simple and bland I thought that maybe forced locomotion would push me into situations I would've otherwise backpedalled out of. I reckon for a few moments it DID make it less dull, but it's still just brain dead opponents running from their spawn point towards you, or a fixed spot and stand there until they die or kill you.

You only have akimbo pistols, but you DO get some augmented ammo/abilities like time slowdown (but I wanted the game to end quickly), sticky bomb shots, bouncing shots, penetrating shots. Might sound cool enough, but it all felt weak and lame.

The comic book style visuals also fell apart once in VR - it just comes across as a developers attempt to mask poor assets to be honest.

I really cannot recommend this game with so many other great shooters out there. If you haven't already, pick up Doom 3 BFG on offer and try out the excellent user made VR mod from Samson. 10+ hours of great VR FPS for peanuts.


Patch 1.6:
vive Touch controls redone for a faster, smoother experience
extra fast speed option added!. patch 1.7:
It is our intention to add new campaign missions and a few survival Levels with this in mind we had to make a few adjustments to the system.


checkpoints added!

AI improvements Droids will duck and cover when shot

Additional cover for players added.

Improved campaign menu to include the new campaign missions.

Mission mode added ( play any completed level again with its own leaderboard)

Survival Mode added
Survival mode is a new fun arcade mode with lots of new power-ups, levels, and enemies! ( first survival level will be added next week)

“You're in the game” feature names are taken from the top 100 and given to droids. No1 on the leaderboards will be given the title of captain of the Ulysses. ( this is updated live!)

Health gui enhanced (helmet will crack and warning lights will warn player when they have low health)

renamed locomotion methods

health pickup now give the correct amount

pixel light increases to fix the light bug

. patch 1.7:
It is our intention to add new campaign missions and a few survival Levels with this in mind we had to make a few adjustments to the system.


checkpoints added!

AI improvements Droids will duck and cover when shot

Additional cover for players added.


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