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Unlike the other dragons, which do nothing but have their heads in the 5d3b920ae0

Title: Digging Dragon
Genre: Adventure, Indie
WonderBox Games
WonderBox Games
Release Date: 1 Mar, 2019

English,German,Simplified Chinese,Russian

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Looked cute and was cheap. You get what you pay for as far as content such as: -Each screen looks about the same -There's no equipment -There's only a couple of basic items -Sprites and attacks only animate left an right despite you being able to move in all directions -Movement feels like you are on ice, it's hard to get going and you slide to a stop -Collision is wonky -Multiple "exits" you can't use, each room has one door out -My game time was capped off by porting back to build the first floor of my tower only to find my dragon could no longer move It's feels like an early alpha demo, not a full release. Pass.

Bugs fixed : Good day! Thank you for your feedback. Based on it, we fixed: a bug with not responding character in the main menu; a bug with a reward for digging holes at levels below the stone one; a bug with a reward for breaking barrels. Thank you for being with us.. Digging Dragon is available now! : Build a reliable solid tower for the dragon! You have to fearlessly go down under the ground, dig up the cells to collect the necessary materials. Be careful, there are a lot of traps down there. Cells with traps are marked in red, but red also means a big reward, will you risk seeing what is there? Fans of quests and fantastic creatures appreciate our app. If you notice any errors in the game, please contact us.. Digging Dragon will be available soon! : Do you know why dragons are sad when someone destroys their towers? Because they have to build new ones! Help the dragon collect materials, to do it go down under the ground, do not fall into the traps and beware of portals.

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