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Original Title: Devil May Cry

Genge: Action,Comedy,Fantasy,Horror,Mystery







































After losing his brother and mother to demon lord Mundus, demon hunter Dante and his new friend Trish embark on a quest to confront Lord Mundus.
2,000 years ago the human world was ruled over by the demon world. However, one of the demons, the legendary dark knight Sparda, awoke to justice and defeating the evil emperor Mundus sealed the demon world away from the human world. He then sealed his own darkest powers away (fearing he would become a threat to the humans himself) and assumed a human form, living among the humans, and for 2000 years he preserved the harmony of the worlds. Eventually Sparda fell in love with a human woman called Eva and had twin half blood sons, Dante and Vergil. However, Sparda died, and shortly after, Eva was killed in a demon attack that separated the two sons. Hating the demons for taking away his mother and his brother from him, Dante becomes a demon hunter and continues his fathers work, seeking revenge. 20 years on, Dante is called to Mallet island on a job, and comes face to face with an ancient enemy of his fathers.
I liked how the story started out, and I liked the character of Dante right away. A dude with a big sword and dual guns, what isn't there to like? The fighting was rather fast and furious too, so what exactly are my complaints exactly? Well I did not care for the setting for one thing. The game starts out in a regular city, in a back alley and almost immediately shifts to an old castle. I don't know, Dante fit the city better, I would have enjoyed fighting in a more urban environment instead of the old Gothic one. Then there are the enemy characters...they are not all that different from one another. You have maybe four or five types you fight throughout the game and then the bosses. I need a bit more variety to be honest. Then there are the pointless underwater scenes I did not care for either. The game is also hard, so hard I had to play on easy which was to easy. Still, the game was fun as controlling Dante was fun and the fighting fun. I loved getting the grenade launcher late in the game. The story was okay, like I said I would have rather used this character in the city, granted there it would have been a bit like "Constantine", but hey that would be good in my book. So it is a good enough challenge and rather fun, I just hope the sequels are better.
PS2 owners may be lamenting that the Nintendo GameCube is getting the exclusive rights to Resdient Evil (although Sony's huge lead, if it continues through Christmas and beyond, will force CapCom to probably release RE games on PS2), but I don't care, because PS2's exclusive series, Devil May Cry, is much better and CapCom should make this series its focus.

Players control Dante, a man with a mysterious past. His father was a demon who fought with the humans to rid the world of Mundus. He then lived with mankind and married a woman, who bore him two sons (Virgil and Dante). Two millenia later, Dante works as a P.I. dealing with supernatural phenomena. A woman named Trish asks him to go to her castle to rid it of ghosts and spirits, but she is only baiting him in going so Mundus can return and eliminate him so his path to world domination will be clear. Dante's job is to make sure that doesn't happen.

The game has several control set-ups. I chose the Easy mode that eliminates all the guesswork. Yeah, it might be wimpy, but my hands aren't as good as they were before. With this mode, you'll have tons of fun destroying all sorts of entities, from marionettes, reapers, and spiders to huge bosses. You can collect gems to buy health aids or gain new powers as you collect new swords. Also, you can gain more power by going into Devil Trigger mode, which will allow you to use the specials you've collected.

With superb graphics, haunting sound effects and music, and tough enemies, the game delivers. There are also special hidden missions to attempt, plenty of toys to play with, and cutscenes to keep the story moving. The only problem with the game is that it's short. You can try more difficult modes, though, if you beat the game on normal.

Another must buy - although if you have a lot of time to spare on this game, you might beat this one in a week rental, but if you have other games in your collection, you should own it. ****1/2 out of *****


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