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Crypto Crisis: Education Edition Download For PS4

Crypto Crisis: Education Edition Download For PS4

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About This Game

This is a simplified and easier to play version of the original Crypto Crisis that has been designed for a younger audience and more casual players.

Principal Trotter and technology teacher Kieran are trying to build the school of the future. They have asked you to help them raise the necessarily funds to do so. It's early 2009, what could be a better way to raise funds than mine Bitcoin? It won't be easy though; compete for and increase your share of block rewards by building and upgrading your mining rigs while carefully managing your resources.

Content & Features:
  • Track your progress by unlocking incremental milestones
  • Relive Bitcoin history with a closely simulated Bitcoin network which utilises historical data
  • Compete for and increase your share of block rewards by building, upgrading, optimising and overclocking your mining rigs
  • Carefully manage the energy consumption and heat output of your mining rigs; the more energy you use the higher your electricity bill will be
  • Sell now or HODL? Earn money by selling your Bitcoin on the market
  • As you progress in your mining career move to new maps to unlock additional space and resources
  • Keep upgrading your mining rigs with periodic releases of new chassis, CPUs, GPUs and ASICs
  • Buy and upgrade utility equipment to help you manage energy consumption and heat output
  • Mining and network statistics help you keep a track of your progress and how well you are performing versus your competitors
  • Financial breakdown statistics help you determine where all of your resources are being spent
  • 4 navigable 3D maps which update as you build and upgrade your mining rigs
  • 20+ chassis types
  • 15+ utility equipment types
  • 170+ CPU/GPU/ASIC parts

Title: Crypto Crisis: Education Edition
Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Armoured Beans
Armoured Beans
Release Date: 18 Feb, 2019


  • OS: Windows 10
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 620 or equivalent
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 2 GB available space


DEV051015 - Update including workshop now in testing!:
We are pleased to say that we have received and are testing the update we have been waiting for.  Below are details of what is included and further below details of why it was delayed.   Also we expect the next update which will include the level editor in around a month. We expect to release the update within a few days.

- network traffic reduced 3-4 times- multiplayer trucks interaction improved greatly- animated physical driver in all trucks- new trucks (zil-131, kamaz-4310, kirovets-700, maz-537, gaz-66)- old assets remastered (ural-4320/432010, kamaz-6520/6522, map assets - trees, log heaps)- maps improved (visually and balance-wise)- gameplay improved (hardcore = manual log loading only, ability to pick startup trucks for each map)- new addons (new forest crane, trailers with ability to deliver loads/logs)- mod support (ingame mod browser + automatic mod download, mod certification by official staff)- graphics improvements (new tyre track system, mud detalisation increased, special effects etc)- new trucks sound system (sounds remastered, each truck with unique sound)- ingame mod testing with ability to reload textures and assets- Truck Editor application for mod testing and development- Notepad++ plugins (XML visual editing with Truck Editor)- trucks XML format changed (simplified greatly for ease of modding)- many many performance optimisations, bug/crash fixes- nvidia stereo fixes (now working correctly 100%)- animated driver in all trucks. Up-to-date Changelog 2015:
The Map 'The Pit' which was made available as a free map for the Spintires has been removed from the core game and is now available in the download section of the official Oovee forum.

The decision to do this has been made in preparation for the release of mod support and protection against leaked versions of combine tools.

There have been a large number of updates over the previous months. As an overview and to keep our community up-to-date, below is the changelog covering those updates:

-2k15 bug fix
-new icons for game mode descriptions

-fuel drained when skipping time in casual (revert!)
-new icons for game mode descriptions

-improved steering wheel force feedback
-no diff lock damage with manual gearbox (steering wheel)
-fixed flares ("light sources") in stereo 3d mode
-diff lock damage delay increased
-daytime cycle made longer, night made shorter

-performance optimisation
-more accurate damage on impact
-rotating engine shafts

-water sfx, trees sfx improved
-engine sounds improved
-fuel no longer drained when skipping time in casual
-fix: cant skip time in multiplayer
-fix: joining a game but playing different map
-correctly display names for players that arent friends
-handbrake is ON when jumping into the truck
-performance optimisation
-detail maps added for hufe rocks

-trucks sounds improved
-gravity wheels backsteer on hardcore mode
-damage system fixes
-some trees and textures tuned
-water,mud sfx tuned
-big mud chunks now break into small pieces when hit
-ability to switch ON/OFF diff lock in casual with no damage or fuel consumption
-meshes XML format changed with no backward compatibility! required for implementation of modding toolset

-radius of discovery by truck in cloaked areas increased
-diff lock damage disabled in casual, diff lock always ON in casual
-notification when other player removes winch in MP
-bugfix: winch not connecting in MP sometimes
-bugfix: MP chat not working
-smoother animation for other trucks visible in MP
-show ping for inprogress games

-network traffic optimisation
-multiplayer truck "ghosts" improved
-multiplayer intertruck interactions fixes

-winch crash fix
-path now visible in cloaked areas

-twigs added for all levels
-main menu level changed
-kamaz sounds changed

-levels tuned
-warnings when removing load/fuel
-truck only filled by 200 liters in garage
-winch fix
-uaz,maz trucks tuning
-sounds changed
-antialising imrpoved (visuals)

-fuel stations now visible even when cloaked

-distance to closest node visible in hardcore mode
-uaz water allowance depth increased
-diff lock stress cooldown changed
-tweaks to all levels (old saves wont work)
-fixed: anchors/wheels stuck underground

-diff lock now does increase fuel consumption, but damages truck + visuals for diff lock damage
-winch truck now automatically accelerates when player accelerates
-if winching trucks trailer, tractor will accelerate in accel mode
-per-map saves
-sharpen effect&heat haze tuning
-cursor hotspot fixed in fullscreen
-fuel tankers auto-refueled at garages and gas stations properly
-fisherman achievement obtained by cheating fixed
-more steering wheels support
-only show servers with appropriate version
-maz-535 original look

-minor truck physics tweaks
-heat haze effect

-sharpen image filter
-ghosts for all player trucks
-option to capture screenshots without HUD
-fixed multiplayer inter-truck collisions issues

-multiplayer inter-truck winch pulling improved again

-some sounds changed
-ingame chat box text fixed
-gamepad and steering wheels pedals acceleration/brake made smoother
-steering wheel: correct initial state of pedals, flixible setup for various models
-various truck behaviour fixes
-lobby buttons get greyed out but game doesnt start (again)
-multiplayer trucks flying in air when connecting winch fixed
-multiplayer inter-truck winch pulling improved

-fixed: sound level changes randomly when using settings dialog
-auto steer/accel mode are defaults now
-can move/remove path nodes in navigation mode
-glitchfix: truck moving without fuel
-some sounds changed
-last joined multiplayer server highlited in list

-steering wheel support
-new achievement: MANUAL GEARBOX
-bouncing rocks fixed
-vehicle damage calculation more accurate (higher damage)
-engine autostart when pressing accelerate
-"engine stalling" progress bar looks changed
-ESC key (default game menu) can now be assigned/reassigned
-gamepad acceleration trigger behaviour improved
-ingame chat history and scroll
-version now visible in main menu

. Oovee updates regarding Spintires:
Oovee updates regarding Spintires
We openly admit that communications between Oovee and our customers have been weak over the last few months. Our customer base grew far beyond what we initially expected and we needed to cater for that quickly – the development plans became sketchy and before we knew it we had a runaway train. Please accept our apologies.
We are changing the way we work, for good! Oovee is now being streamlined and the way we work is much more structured, and that’s thanks to the recent team meeting we had from both sides of the pond. Another team meeting is scheduled for March which we will discuss internally more of what is said below, plus other things.
In the past there has been speculation regarding the relationship between Oovee and our programming god, Pavel. Yes - no relationship goes without its problems, however, we have settled the communication issues that we have had in the past.
Some of you have been expressing your disappointment regarding the miscommunication between various Social Media outlets. From now on, any statements made by Oovee will be translated into a suitable language for the Social Media geographical base. Communication will be synchronised.
Testing / QA and new Experimental / Dev branches.
Our testing and QA program in the past has been flawed. We have opened the door to a new idea which involves a 2 stage Testing/QA program.
Firstly, ‘builds’ will be tested internally by a group of dedicated people – feedback will be collected and then a new ‘build’ is produced with necessary fixes. After this, we will open the ‘build’ to a larger group of selected people with a wide variety of computer configurations.
Once we are all satisfied that the build passes our stringent QA test, it will be made publically available in the form of a ‘stable release’. This will be automatically downloaded by our customers.
Introducing to you a new Experimental / Dev branch that will soon be available on Steam for you to opt-in. This will include new features and changes to Spintires for you to experience and provide us with your feedback. If feedback is positive, some of those new features developed here will be seen in the ‘stable release’ version at a later date.
The available branches to choose will be the following;
-          Stable (current)
-          Previous
-          Experimental/Dev
Future update roadmap.
Our intention is to release updates to the ‘stable release’ once per month minimum, with interim bug fixes in-between. There is an update currently being tested that includes a fix for the G27 steering wheel support & Mp saves relating to the Steam timeout issue.
Moving forwards, our next large update will include ‘Mod support’ expected in early April.
The next is scheduled for early May, which will include a ‘Cockpit camera view’!
Further announcements on these new features will follow soon.
DLC Path
There has been controversy within the community over our decisions with DLC, however we can happily confirm that a new DLC is heading your way this summer. Expect us to spring some more details on you regarding this over the coming months.
The next Spintires
How can we possibly talk about the next iteration of Spintires when we still haven’t finished improving the current version of Spintires? Well to be fair, software is never finished and we understand that. But with the huge success of the Spintires release, it’s kind of a no-brainer but to continue the franchise and create an even better game with a larger team and a larger budget.
So with great pleasure we can confirm that planning has commenced for the next iteration of Spintires, whatever form it may come in. It is suggested not to ask too many questions about it because we simply cannot answer them just yet.
Thank you all for your continued support, it takes great pleasure to provide you with your dreams of the best off-roading experience available to the digital world. Let’s toast to the future of Spintires!. Hotfix 19.06.2014:
Valued Customers,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for purchasing and showing great interest in SPINTIRES, the response we have had has been overwhelming!

After reviewing and monitoring the issues reported, we are pleased to announce that a Hotfix is now available.This update fixes the following issue(s):

- Vehicle wheels becoming stuck under the map (described here

We understand the importance of updating our platform and therefore we endeavour to provide regular updates. This is an example of a small bug fix, but we have plans for large scale updates in the coming week, including "camera" improvements (as largely requested).

Happy Offroading!

Oovee Game Studios.

. New assets - Coming Soon:
Hello Off-roaders,

Here are some of the latest screenshots of assets currently being worked on for Spintires. Take a look and enjoy.

No release available

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