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Crossfire: Dungeons Free Download [Torrent]

Crossfire: Dungeons Free Download [Torrent]

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About This Game

Battle against rival fantasy armies in this fast paced turn based strategy game. Fight powerful bosses while you hunt for treasure in dungeon mode, play through over one hundred single player missions in campaign mode, or match wits against your friends in multiplayer. Simple one-click per unit control scheme takes minutes to learn, while the in-depth army building and game strategy keeps you coming back for more. 6 different armies to master each with unique units, strengths and play styles. A fantasy themed game inspired by classic board games like Chess, Stratego and Battleship.

Key Features

  • Six unique armies (Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Lizardmen, Undead and Skitterlings)
  • Roleplaying dungeon mode allowing you to build a party over time and delve into randomly generated levels
  • Four unique and powerful bosses
  • Collect treasure to buy new units and boost your coffers
  • Five different campaigns with multiple endings for each campaign
  • Branching campaign mission structure
  • Includes dedicated server software
  • Pre-generated forces if you like to get straight to the action, or take the time to spend your money to customize your own force
  • Supports multiplayer with a friend with customizable game settings
  • Dynamic fog of war
  • Simple to use one-click control scheme
  • Includes all of the content from Crossfire: The Northern Campaigns

Title: Crossfire: Dungeons
Genre: Strategy
Random Thoughts Entertainment
Random Thoughts Enterainment
Release Date: 15 Jan, 2007


crossfire dungeons. crossfire dungeons

simple and adventurest great game for half a buck. I've played worse but this is pretty bad for a turn based. I honestly think the graphics were my biggest disapointment. They are NOT as smooth and pretty as they appear in the screenshots above. Almost feels like an abstract form of chess. At the current $0.51 I'll keep it and maybe play it occassionally.. The single player mode is ruined as the autosave feature (or any save feature) has been broken for years in the PC port. Last patch 2 years ago... don't expect it fixed.
There is also much to be said about how the AI handles the fog of war, as enemy archers are very consistent in hitting you without previously doing missing shots or spotting you.
Maps are very very repetitive.
I expected a casual fantasy tactic or dungeon crawling game, but there are free flash games with similar quality or better, to be honest. Shame on that missing patch because it could have been a little fun game.
The only thing that stands is multiplayer, that can be fun.
So if you buy this, do it with some friends (and wait for sale), the single player game isn't worth the about 1 euro sale price.
Edit: Let me say it clear, you are going to play the campaigns or the dungeon campaign, after playing an hour you will try to save your progress so you can go outside to have a life. No, you can't. There is an autosave feature that doesn't work. Thus, no campaign (which are long enough to need that autosave).. This game feels unfinished. Gameplay is repetitive. Maps and locations are dull and troops classes doesen't give you much in a strategy. I wish there was a 'sort of' button instead of just 'yes' and 'no'. There's the basis of a really good turn-based game here. I liked the look of it and, like another reviewer has said, it reminded me of table-top games I played many years ago with little lead figures and some dice. The battles are fun for a while, but the campaigns lack any depth and are just repititions of the same battles over and over. It could be improved by adding some more variety in the battle environments, additional unit types, slowing down the AI so you can see what moves it has taken, and by enabling a pass-and-play mode (as I don't know if anyone is playing this online). If the battles could be incorporated into some sort of RPG that would make a great game (something akin to Might and Magic etc). Ultimately it lacks longevity, but as I only paid 33 pence for it and it has provided cheap entertainment for a couple of hours, I have to give it a thumbs-up.. simple and adventurest great game for half a buck. Game is incomplete. No save, quit or load buttons. No directions or options information. Must start from beginning every time you play the game.

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