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Crossfire: Dungeons Free Download [Torrent]

Crossfire: Dungeons Free Download [Torrent]

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About This Game

Battle against rival fantasy armies in this fast paced turn based strategy game. Fight powerful bosses while you hunt for treasure in dungeon mode, play through over one hundred single player missions in campaign mode, or match wits against your friends in multiplayer. Simple one-click per unit control scheme takes minutes to learn, while the in-depth army building and game strategy keeps you coming back for more. 6 different armies to master each with unique units, strengths and play styles. A fantasy themed game inspired by classic board games like Chess, Stratego and Battleship.

Key Features

  • Six unique armies (Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Lizardmen, Undead and Skitterlings)
  • Roleplaying dungeon mode allowing you to build a party over time and delve into randomly generated levels
  • Four unique and powerful bosses
  • Collect treasure to buy new units and boost your coffers
  • Five different campaigns with multiple endings for each campaign
  • Branching campaign mission structure
  • Includes dedicated server software
  • Pre-generated forces if you like to get straight to the action, or take the time to spend your money to customize your own force
  • Supports multiplayer with a friend with customizable game settings
  • Dynamic fog of war
  • Simple to use one-click control scheme
  • Includes all of the content from Crossfire: The Northern Campaigns

Title: Crossfire: Dungeons
Genre: Strategy
Random Thoughts Entertainment
Random Thoughts Enterainment
Release Date: 15 Jan, 2007


crossfire dungeons. crossfire dungeons

I don't see why so many negative reviews. It's not a bad game by any means, maybe just a little outdated but I'm okay with that (I even like it a little that way). The combat doesn't have random damage and I like this since give more just a strategy with no need of luck. The only cons maybe is that the interface is a little confusing and the single player campaing is not clear what you have to do next and the game gets a little boring too fast.

If you can get this on a sale, I think it's a good deal.. This game feels unfinished. Gameplay is repetitive. Maps and locations are dull and troops classes doesen't give you much in a strategy. The game itself is fine - a turn-based game with a boardgame feel. But there's NO way to save your progress, and the auto-save doesn't work. In short, you have to start over from scratch each time you load the game. The vague assurances that a fix is forthcoming aren't helpful. It's been almost a year since the last update, and the game is still broken.


ADDENDUM: Nearly 2.5 years since I first posted this review. No fix yet, and no further word from the developers. ABANDONED BROKEN GAME.. This game feels unfinished. Gameplay is repetitive. Maps and locations are dull and troops classes doesen't give you much in a strategy. This is one of the worst strategy games I've ever played.

This game has the idea that turn-based strategy is blind shots into a fog of war, with narrow similar style maps, and a lack of any rng statisitcs or stat boosting options.
The people who made this game have no idea what they are doing.
The gameplay ends up being pretty underwhelming and really ugly, with a lot of basic options and settings missing.

This game can't go into fullscreen, only window mode with letterbox options. You can not adjust resolution settings and there are no seperate audio settings other than on/off with esc.
You can't even quit the game from the title screen, you need to x away the window or alt-f4.

I can't get the game to "auto save" as the developer claims it does while playing Dungeon Mode, so my progress to the second level always dissappears when I turn off the game. I tried several times, but the game failed to care I beat stage 1.

This is a large list of negatives, and I ended up getting a refund within 1 hour.

It's pathetic to see a company try to sell a game that lacks such basic options and operations or a fun factor.

I'm hoping a patch will be released to address these issues, especially the lack of saving progress. If someone can explain the solution to that here, I would appreciate it, but this should not even BE an issue!

Skip this title, there are many better turn-based strategy games on Steam. Save that bargain bin change for a cup of coffee.. Dont do it. You have melee that can move\/see two spaces and archers that can move one space but fire ten. That your weapon range is five times as far as you can see is a little odd. No RNG, just do 3 damage with archer A or 3 damage with archer B. most of the fight is blind so where is the strategy?

I will give this one more try but it could be one of the worst games I have played in a long while and I love turn based games. More like a browser app than a game (or something along the lines of minefield/solitaire). It's really not what you expect. Extremely simplified gameplay consisting of moving units once in order to attack. I have not tested the multiplayer which appears to work on IP address but assuming it works then I would say it could be worth you picking this up to play with friends. As a single player game it is almost worthless and with AI ranged units seeming to know exactly where you are and your ranged guys using a "pick a random square and you might get lucky" means of finding them the chances are your entire squad could be picked off by a lone ranged unit with poison. Don't get drawn in by the Citadel Miniatures look of the pieces - the graphics are pixelated and generally poor. Others have whined about the sound being fuzzy - which it is - but it serves very little purpose anyway so if you must play this play it with the sound off. Unless you want something lightweight to toy around with in work when you are bored or know others who want to engage with you in multiplayer then avoid.

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