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Original Title: Call Of Duty: Black Ops

Genge: Action,Mystery,Thriller,War




































Former Marine Captain and CIA operative Alex Mason, upon interrogation by an unknown party, recounts his violent experiences with the Bay of Pigs, a radical Soviet conspiracy, and the Vietnam war.
When he's interrogated by unknown figures, Alex Mason has to remember the location of a broadcast station, to stop a horrifying biotic weapon attack. During the progress, he begins to suspect the true identity of his Soviet friend-Victor Reznov.
Treyarch in my opinion shouldn't be put underneath Ininity Ward. I love MW, but Treyarch just keeps on brining brilliance to it's games. This is game makes it their time now. Their time to show everybody that their games aren't just some appetizers to MW. First lets talk about the singleplayer. The controls are the same, but if it ain't broke don't fix it. The story is without a doubt well written. It takes place during the Cold War and Vietnam times. It is a story covered in mystery. You want answers just as much as the characters do. The story takes place in an interrogation room. Your character is being ordered to decode a group of numbers, and find out what they mean. From there it's a trip down memory lane as you go into flashbacks that tell out what led you to this predicament. It's a great story, but what I liked most about the story was the character Reznov. Reznov is a character from World at War that you meet in a prison from there he is pretty much your best friend. You feel for his character, and when the twist about the character was made at the end I was simply shocked. As for the rest of the characters I think they did a great job. Also voice acting is great. Although Gary Oldman as Reznov is my favorite. Now lets talk about presentation. The graphics, sound editing, and music are all simply top notch stuff. One thing I loved about World at War was the violence. The violence in this game shows how MW2 are a little squeamish. Sure they killed an airport of civilians, but did you blow their limbs off in that game. No you did not. The sound editing is just great showing off a lot of talent. The music is also superb. Now that I am done with the singleplayer lets talk zombies. There are three modes. (Kino Der Toten, Five, and Dead Ops Arcade) Kino Der Toten is a fun experience with the same familiar gameplay as Nazi Zombies in World at War that we all know and love. My favorite "Five" takes place in the pentagon where you play as either JFK, Nixon, Castro, or McNamara. It is extremely fun, and it is also hilarious. Hearing JFK saying quotes from his speeches after killing a zombie is priceless. Then there is Dead Ops Arcade. It is an overhead shooter that involves living as long as possible, and getting a lot of points. It is flat out fun, and it feels like something that could be sold on X-box Arcade. For Treyarch though it is just part of the game. Now we get to the real reason why this game sells. The Multiplayer is a ton of fun. It has the same matches from MW2, but a few changes have been made. Leveling up doesn't get you a weapon anymore. You unlock it, but you still have to pay for it with CoD points. This makes leveling up just a status. What really gets you your guns is how good you are. Also a lot of complaints from MW2 have been fixed. No more nukes, quickscoping, and scavenging claymores. Now the campers are forced to fight like actual gamers. These additions in my opinion are welcomed. Also just recently they listened to some complaints about the Black Ops Next, Prev., and Random map choices. Now you can only go to a previous map once. This makes things much less dull and more of a full experience. Also there is Combat Training and Wager Matches. Combat Training involves you fighting against computer player with your friends gamertags. They move slow and act stupid, but it is an excellent way to train. Wager Matches are matches where you gamble with your CoD cash. If your running low, but have the confidence that you can do good you should check it out. Also if you are a guy who feels invincible, and you like to beat down noobs while taking their cash then I also recommend. Is the game perfect? No. A problem that has annoyed me throughout my online experience is when game lobbies are closed. I'm OK if it happens every once in a while, but there are times when I get three closed lobbies in a row. I think that the people running the servers should get their act together, and stop this from happening as often. Overall I highly recommend this game, but really do I need to. Everyone has bought the thing already.

Also if you would like to add me as a friend my gamertag is lbidude97. I was really pleased with this game in most ways. I have a problem or two with it, but the overall game warrants at least a 9. I liked most of the story-line, however, how it turned out was a little disappointing. The new combat training in the online mode is amazing, and gives you an opportunity to get good before making a fool of yourself when you go hardcore with your buds. I have to say i was disappointed also in the graphics. They are really good, except when compared with Modern Warfare 2. Zombies is fun, but the lack of plot was annoying.

THat's all!!
It has been confirmed that this game will feature a Nazi Zombie mode. You reprise your role as Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo or Richtofen. The way that they work into the more modernized weaponry is that Richtofen had created a time machine, thus sending the four WW2 era characters along with Nazi zombies through the time portal. It has also been announced there will be a DLC included with the Hardened and Prestige editions of the game (And likely later available as a purchase DLC for those who buy the standard version) of the original four Nazi Zombie maps; Nacht Der Untoten, Verrückt , Shi No Numa and Der Riese. They will be updated with the graphics, game-play physics, etc. for Black-Ops. Also, the four playable characters will be available in both Nacht Der Untoten and Verrückt [as they originally only appeared in the last two]. But the best part, Black-Ops weapons will be available from the Mystery Box! Black Ops is brutal. Heads are being chopped off, sleeping hostiles stabbed violently, humans take their last breath in anguish due to toxic gas and soldiers who surrendered can be executed without any repercussions. The censorings almost seems ludicrous, considering all the violent and vicious things that remained unchanged. Nevertheless, things were censored for some reason. An entire sequence has been removed, splatter effects have been censored. Even the Rolling Stones song Sympathy for the Devil has been removed. Except for the missing song, the alterations are standard procedure.


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