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About This Game

One of TIME’s top ten games of the year, Burly Men at Sea is a folktale about a trio of large, bearded fishermen who step away from the ordinary to seek adventure. 5d3b920ae0

Title: Burly Men at Sea
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie
Release Date: 29 Sep, 2016

English,French,German,Japanese,Russian,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese,Italian

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Slow and boring.. This is a "choose your own adventure" type of game, with fantastic artwork and graphical design. It looks like a book put on screen, and if I'm being honest, it plays a bit like one too, for all the good and bad that implies. I completed my first "story" in, oh, 20 or so minutes? It was neat but very very short. I went back a few more times and chose different options to see how it differs. That was neat too but honestly, also a bit boring. Here's where I get nitpicky: I found the artwork to be extraordinary but the style of writing really grated on me. Adverbs everywhere, he said annoyingly. Glad to be done with the review, he wrote satisfyingly. One other thing that bears mentioning: the game is clearly designed for touch screens and feels like a mobile port. Given the lack of game-ness here and the limited replay value, it's hard to recommend this as anything but a pleasant experiment in short story reading. The game will hawk URLs each time you complete a story branch, allowing you to buy a hardcover book of your particular path. As visually appealing as it is, the story (or rather stories) were not inspiring enough to warrant that. Maybe this will work for you - it didn't do the trick for me. I'd give this a 4 out of 5 for effort but 2 out of 5 for execution.. The artstyle was initially the first thing that won me over from the Burly Men at Sea trailers. Heck, I even pre-ordered it, I was so smitten! Today I randomly remembered this game should've been released by now and excitedly sat down to play it. It didn't disappoint. (Well, mostly.) I initially thought this game would be more choice-heavy, but I wasn't too upset that it wasn't. I enjoyed the Brothers Beard and a lot of the humor sprinkled into their adventures. The writing style is laconic, but every character, no matter how small, has a unique personality that really helps bring the story to life. The game doesn't have too much in the way of exploring, but it's fun to try to click on as much as you can within the environment just to hear what kind of interaction it might have, since all sound effects are made with human voices. The overall length of the game is what's ultimately discouraging, especially for the price. Even though I played through a handful of adventures, I came out with just a little over an hour, and while I may still have a few more "untrodden paths" left to walk, I don't really find myself feeling any urgency to start the game back up again. It's fun and cute and I find the artwork absolutely wonderful, but at the end of the day, this is probably a one-time experience for me and, while I recommend the experience, I'd suggest waiting to see if it goes on sale if you absolutely must play it yourself. I'm happy with my purchase, because it delivers on all the things I expected it to, it just doesn't offer up anything more.. The extremely slow animations and the annoying sound effects makes this a very irritating experience, almost like the game is deliberately wasting my time and mocking me while at it. Not a fan of the "story" (more like an ironic pseudo-story because having a logical plot is too mainstream I guess) with its aimlessness and uninteresting characters either. It's okay to have characters as archetypes, but this "story" doesn't take adventage of this fact so it just comes off as lazy.. Hello Friends! This game is short, hence the small time i put into playing it. Basically you play a game as three bearded men (ZZ TOP!) and go out into the world on a boat and do different adventures. Simplistic game with minamalist type graphics and funny sounds. This game would be great for a young child to play. I would say a child of 5 or 6 even. These stories are almost like a bedtime story. I won't run a pro/con list to this game as it is quite short and fun. I recommend for young children or for very casual gamers. This also would be a good game for a young person starting out to play games for the first time or just want a game that is very easy to play with stories. The stories will repeat after awhile, but there is enough this won't happen for awhile. Recommended for young children for a clean fun game. Not recommended for hard core gamers. NOTE: One more point is this game has achievments. So achievement hunters may also want this game for the easy achievements to get for it.apparently.. A short adventure with great presentation but lacking in terms of gameplay and 'optimization'. Pros: +Great vector graphics with interesting animation +Good soundtrack and sound effects +Interesting story with branching choices Cons: -Buggy, in fullscreen the game lags immensly (most likely a 144hz refresh rate issue) -Awkward controls, they tried to be innovative but it would work better as a point and click adventure -Gameplay doesn't offer any real challenge, it's just a story If you find the game at a very low price it is worth a play through, it's small and fun with some flaws.

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