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Broomball VR Free Download [License]

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About This Game

Experience the thrill of flying from the comfort of your broomstick. Blast your way across the field to score the winning goal before time runs out!

Learn to Fly, Score, and Fight as you prepare your skills for the game day!

We want everyone to know that we are working on polishing the game and adding in a multiplayer mode as well. We are releasing Broomball for free before the update because we want to get feedback on the game mechanics to make sure we can provide the best experience for everyone. We hope you enjoy playing the game as much as we have enjoyed the development process.

Happy Hunting,

The Broomball Team

We will also be releasing free tutorials on detailing our development process for any developers out there who are interested in getting started with making their own VR games! a09c17d780

Title: Broomball VR
Genre: Adventure
Rushil Reddy, Priyam Parikh, Ken Watanabe
Broomball Inc.
Release Date: 28 Jul, 2016


broomball vr

I love VR flying. I hope this genre gets more attention.. This is very limited - there is at present no way to actually play the game. Choosing the 'Play Broomball' option from the menu just takes you to the tutorial. Only lasts 5 minutes and it turns out to be a waste of time anyway.. Fun demo. Will be nice to see the final product. The nausea goes away pretty quickly once you make your brain wrap itself around the ability to move without moving.

The graphics need some fine tuning and polish. The gameplay is just a tutorial at the moment, and you need the ability to fly through the rings.

This is one to play the demo for a while then add to your follow list and wait for updates. If it gets polished and has multi-player and multiple arenas it will be worth it.
. Hello played the game and I did enjoy it did a game play video for youtube if any one is interested in seeing it you can find it at pretty bad.. not to mention harry potter is probably the only thing worse than this game.. Wow! Awesome experience. Flying by controller and being able to look around while changing direction and altitude is an amazing feeling.

Have only done the learning trials so far, having trouble getting actual Broomball to start. Keeps defaulting me back to trials. Not sure if that is intended.

You guys are on to something. Stick with it. (BTW, adding in a temporary speed boost function would rock). This is good for a 5 minute laugh at babies first game, but thats about it.. Fun game, just needs multi-player!

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