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About This Game

We want to present a new game in Hidden Object genre called Blue Tear! First of all, I would like to warn all of genre fans, that this game is not easy even on a minimal difficulty. So, if you are a HOPa hardcore player this game is for you!


  • 35 locations
  • 45 puzzles and mini-games of various difficulty
  • 23 hidden object scenes
  • intriguing storyline
  • beautiful art and gorgeous locations
  • unusual hint system
  • Voodoo Magic and traveling across time and space


Jessica Loraine was a typical twenty year old when she inherited an old abandoned estate. By then the house had been vacant for many centuries, and rumors swirled that an ancient curse dwelt inside. Conquering her fears, Jessica and her friends set out to face the adventure head-on. However, as soon as the group crossed the threshold, the dormant evil inside the estate awakened!

Now all of Jessica’s friends are prisoners in the realm of phantoms. To rescue them, travel to Africa and enlist the help of a kind sorcerer and old ancestral spirits. Under their guidance, help the spirits haunting the estate to find peace, assemble the Voodoo talisman and defeat an evil sorcerer who schemes to gain possession of Jessica’s body. a09c17d780

Title: Blue Tear
Genre: Casual, Indie
Release Date: 16 Dec, 2016


  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: 1.4 GHz
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 700 MB available space
  • Sound Card: Any


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I'm playing this on a brand-new Dell XPS15 with 16GB ram , and the game still crashes regularly. Some of the hidden object scenes are... weird. I play games like this one a lot, but this one may be the most confusing I've encountered. I'm not sure if I want to recommend it. Since I have to give it a thumbs up or down though I'll still give it a yes, hoping the crashes will get fixed.. No fullscreen support, and none planned per publisher:
. Good game. I don't know what some of the other reviews were talking about. I had no crashes or other problems with the game. Yes, it was confusing at times, but no problems.. I could almost recommend this game. The story was interesting. You inherit a cursed house and must work to remove the curse. It does start off a bit odd with a trip back in time, but once you get back to 'now' the story gets more interesting.

The puzzles weren't too hard, although some of the objectives weren't too clear. Although it might've been easier if I wasn't one of those people who refuses to read the help text. So for me there was lots of random clicking to see what things do, and in one case I was instructed to find something in the picture that I had no clue what was because I hadn't visited the location in the game where the thing goes yet. But no penalty for misclicks or anything so I just guessed.

The game only took me just over 4 hours to finish, so I'm glad I got it on sale.

Biggest problem I had with this game was I suffered a couple of Fatal Errors while I was playing, requiring me to relaunch the game to continue. Seemed to do it at points where it autosaved, so I rarely lost any progress. Though in one case it set me back about five minutes of play time. Not too bad, but still annoying to have to repeat steps I'd already taken.

Overall, if there hadn't been those gamestopping Fatal Errors, I might've been confident recommending this game to some HOG players for the interesting story alone, but getting dumped out of the game randomly makes me hesitant to do that.. there are a lot of different hidden object games around, but this one seemed to me to be a result of competition:
while most of games is about some crime, this one is rather about mystics, while most take place in some mansion this one will lead you to some indians huts, objects are becoming smaller, tasks are becoming more complicated; game does not SHOW you the hint or simply LEAD you but just TELLs you the hint, its also more complicated
i've met couple of strange moments when the game seemed to froze, but no crashes, no some major bugs.
. This is a long and detailed casual point-and-click adventure withs lots of hidden-object scenes and puzzles, but it is hampered by technical problems.

First, I and many other people could not get it to run in full-screen mode. Depending on your resolution, it could mean that the game appears naturally as a tiny little window. The way to fix this is to change your desktop resolution: an awkward and annoying workaround. This might make most people pass on this game.

It also crashed on me a few times. This was easily solvable by restarting the game: it continued from exactly the same place.

For those who stay, prepared to have issues with \u201cpixel hunting\u201d: you sometimes need to click at the exact right tiny little place for an action to register. This is frustrating, because it might appear to you that you did not solve the puzzle correctly, when if fact you were correct.

If you can stomach those problems, you will be rewarded with beautiful graphics and complex gameplay. The story itself isn't very special, but it takes you through two very different settings, almost feeling like two different games, and features some memorable characters and animations. The voice acting is, as usual for this genre, mediocre.. I was really having some fun until I came to the last chapters before the great finale. It's just bad gamedesign, when the game crashes 7 times (!) during the gameplay and just before I can end the game I'm missing a little thing to complete a mission. Why do they let the player do things where a player loses this specific item before they made all the missions they have to do with it? I'm so frustrated now. The solution is to play all the hours again and make this little mission before I make the other one. Wow. Really not amused. A little warning would have been nice.... MINU 6 STARS; BLACK SCREEN. PATHETIC.

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