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About This Game

Plot: The post-apocalyptic world. The caravan went to one settlement to exchange things. You guarded this caravan. But suddenly a gang of robbers flew into the caravan from ambush. All caravans were killed, but you, being wounded, survived. The robbers lived in abandoned bunkers. You were brought there to make a slave. Time passed, your wounds healed, you started to use as a slave. But you are pretty tough. Once, in your cell at the very bottom of the bunker, you turned the neck of the burglarized robber and went out into the open door, to freedom. Now you have to go through multistory bunkers infested with robbers to get free. Good luck!

Gameplay: In this game you have to find a way out of the bunker, divided into levels. Your task is simple - to reach the end of the level and survive. Starting the game with your bare hands, in the course of the passage you will find a new weapon that will help you pass the game. I will note the element of survival - you will have to save cartridges, and health, and new powerful weapons you will get difficult to get.


  • Hard, bloody battles with the rivers of blood.

  • About 30 varieties of weapons.

  • Survival conditions in the enemy's rear.
  • Permadeath.
  • Contrast, minimalistic graphics.

Title: Barbarian Trash
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Electronic Life Games
Dagestan Technology
Release Date: 7 Feb, 2019


barbarian trash

it's kinda hard to properly master the game due to it's difficulty.
but overall,it is fun to play and also one of the game that i could play just to kill time.
and yea,the harder the better, right?. Cel mai bun joc din lume mai bun ca si csgo fmm gaben <3. Went into this game to give it the first review here on Steam expecting it to be complete "trash".. and to my surprise it wasn't nearly as bad as i expected!

Simple, but not bad a little game especially considering the under dollar price point.\/watch?v=RPW_JVvR3wk&lc=z223edtxbtzqczixz04t1aokgporuiivmdtu2zmntsqabk0h00410\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noreferrer\" id=\"dynamiclink_0\">https:\/\/\/watch?v=RPW_JVvR3wk&lc=z223edtxbtzqczixz04t1aokgporuiivmdtu2zmntsqabk0h00410<\/a>

8 out of 10. Recommended as long as you aren't going in expecting Mortal Kombat.

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