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Astroloco: Worst Contact Activation Code Free

Astroloco: Worst Contact Activation Code Free

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In the far future, humans explore and colonise space using ridiculously deadly, moon-sized trains - 'Astro Locomotives'. They're operated by enormous, competing railroad companies and train vs. train combat is (expensively) common.

Take control of a mistreated mechanic and a swashbuckling pilot as you try to save Gilbert Station from destruction at the hands of an alien death fleet!


  • Classic 1990s adventure gameplay! Inspired by genre classics such as Space Quest, Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle.
  • Trains. In space. That's worth the entry price, right there.
  • The funniest writing in an adventure game this side of the millenium. That might be a positive or a negative, depending on how much you enjoy laughing until you dribble.
  • Two playable characters for the price of one.
  • Fully voiced! You'll also be able to turn the voice-over off, since we know some of you like to do that. Just know that every time someone ticks that particular box in the game settings, we'll kill one of our voice actors.
  • Fully soundtracked! You won't be able to turn the music off. In fact, the volume slider starts at 100% and it only goes up from there.
  • The 'unique' graphical style of subAtomic and Plan M!
  • Interesting puzzles and minigames! We know a lot of you adventure gamers out there like to actually have some challenge in your games. For everyone else, just curl up tight, hold down your Escape key, and hope it ends soon.
  • 20 in-game achievements to be unlocked, if you have nothing better to do.
  • An entirely reasonable retail price!

Title: Astroloco: Worst Contact
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Hungry Planet Games
Hungry Planet Games
Release Date: 11 Mar, 2016


astroloco worst contact

It's a short and silly adventure game. The trailer is a good representation really. It's story-heavy and the puzzles aren't particularly taxing although I did get stuck at one point because an obstacle wasn't really an obstacle. Its main goal seems to be humour, and it made me laugh a lot so it's done its job! There's even a joke in the options screen that made me chuckle.

It looks like a programmer has drawn it in MS Paint. Mostly that's fine, it's a comedy game after all, but the characters do look a bit out of place being so pixelly. The voiceovers are fine I think, though I'm not picky.

Took me about 3 hours to play through - there are achievements you could aim for, but I'm not really interested in replaying to get them. I enjoyed playing it once, but a second time wouldn't really add anything.. Astroloco: Worst Contact is a point and click adventure styled after 16-bit advneture games. That being said for the price I can't not recommend this game. Its fun, slightly funny (off beat humor) and casual as can be.

1. Easy to learn controls
2. Slight humor makes some more tedious tasks enjoyable
3. Best 16-bit graphics that 32-Bit can render
4. FUN!!
5. Price

1. No widescreen options limited to 4:3 ish scales
2. Cut Scenes
3. Limited controls for volume, screen, and controls (once again point n click)
4. Has option to mute commentary (not Bad) but then I have to read all the Voices aloud when I'm let's Playing it.

Other than that I have thouroughly enjoyed playing the 1st ACT and am looking forward to checking out the rest of the game!!. Witty British point-and-click misadventure featuring space mechanics, space pirates, space trains and space train drivers.

What more could you want?. Genuine British humour! I laughed more with this $5 game than with many $50+ standup comics...

Aproximate quotes:
- ATTENTION PLANET, PREPARE FOR PENETRATION! [Female pilot goofing arround on loudspeaker, toward what she believes to be an uninhabited planet]
[Planet gets poundered. Turns out planet was inhabited. Hostile reply from the planet population, who refer to the ship as a "Death Machine".]
- Our first impression could have been better. [Onboard computer pointing out the obvious on a unemotional voice.]
- You should consider taking those diplomacy classes ma'am. [Onboard computer, later on.] <\/span><\/span>

- Don't you think it's unsafe to store missiles in a living complex? [Engineer]
- Nope! [CEO]<\/span><\/span>

- What are you cooking? ... Seriously, smells like something died in there. [Engineer to the Chef]

- Come on! I have to clean the bathroom after people get to eat your food! [Engineer to the Chef]<\/span><\/span>. A fluffy (is that even the correct way to use that word here?), fun story about a mechanic and a pilot with lots of pixel sex. Kidding. There's only a little bit of pixel sex. Kidding again. There's a scene with a planet with a giant hole in it. Naughty.. It says it's a game. What I played was an 8 bit movie that pretends to be a game. If I wanted to sit and watch something, I'd go and just turn on the tv. Games aren't the place for this sort of thing.. Worst Contact is very interesting with a lot of easter eggs and it is very funny finally The Developer in my opinion has a very excellent creative art.
Recommended. Neat pixel art adventure game that pokes fun at itself and similar adventure games with a moderately fun, British humour. Pretty quick to beat but the content makes it somewhat worth the price. I'm looking forward to a sequel if the dev team comes down to announce it someday.

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