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Original Title: Assault Platoon

Genge: Action,War
































In 1973 Vietnam, gas bombs are dropped on villages, killing men, women, and children. Two downed American pilots, accused of the bombings, are captured and tortured. Both men give name, rank, and serial number but neither one confesses. Elsewhere, a team of seven diverse individuals is hired to rescue the two pilots. These individuals manage to free the pilots from the river-cages where they've been imprisoned, (with water up to their shoulders), but the Vietnamese counterattack proves deadly. Only one rescuer survives and he's burdened by the knowledge that the U.S. Government wanted the pilots rescued and then silenced to order to conceal their role in dropping gas-bombs.
I had this down as a very poor copy of RAMBO and the surprising thing was it featured a scene of Russian roulette very early on so it also managed to rip off THE DEER HUNTER as well . Two rip offs for the price of one that's pretty good going and the surprises continued . One of the two American pilots being held by the nasty commies of North Vietnam happened to be called Brian Adams and if you're expecting him to burst in to rock ballads with his Canadian voice you'll be shocked when he doesn't because he has a Dutch accent . If his name is distracting don't worry because one of the American officers who sets the mission in motion is called Billy Graham . Praise the Lord and if you're a foreign film company try making a movie where the name of the characters don't have you giggling like a girl

Talking of girls one of the commandoes sent behind enemy lines is a female reconstruction worker . Why would the Americans send a female construction worker on a suicide mission ? I was hoping she was going to provide the T&A but that doesn't really happen because just as a love scene is about to happen the camera cuts away to the NVA arriving . The mission is led by Lt Walker who despite being an American speaks with a German accent . In fact the only people who seem to have any inkling of an American accent are the Vietnamese

Anything you expect from this film will see the rug pulled swiftly from under your feet . Things like a rape slave in a Vietnamese jungle camp some how being a white girl . Yeah I know it doesn't make the slightest sense , nor does the fact firing 20,000 rounds from a firearm without reloading . Just when you think you're watching a film set in an alternative universe where weapons don't need reloading we suddenly get constant scenes where characters stop to reload their weapons . I'll say one thing abut this exploitive lunacy and that is I didn't expect nearly every single character to get killed which possibly gets ASSAULT PLATOON an extra point and possibly stops it gaining the tag of worst war film I have ever seen The "behind-enemy-lines-rescue" is a reliable plot but it fails here largely because the movie doesn't seem to know what point it's trying to make. Having U.S. Air Force pilots dropping gas-bombs on innocent civilians would seem to position the movie as a condemnation of American involvement in Vietnam. However, showing those Vietnamese fighting against the Americans to be commanded by brutes who rape and torture and kill helpless prisoners blurs the line between "good guys" and "bad guys." The audience is left with no one to root for, (especially since none of the characters is of any interest or value), and the movie is written in too shallow a way to allow it to claim to be "dark" or "cynical." Making things worse is the movie's tendency to pad its footage with extended and unnecessary scenes, such as all those shots of characters trudging through the jungle accompanied by monotonous music.

This movie has acquired a cult reputation, however, because of a scene from it posted on YouTube. This scene shows the torture of the two captured USAF pilots. These pilots - young, hairy, attractive, and soaked with sweat - are only seen from the waist up but apparently they've been stripped naked and apparently they're being subjected to electric shocks delivered directly to their genitals. It's rare that the movies show or even imply genital torture. It's also rare to show manly torture victims screaming at the top of their lungs as these two pilots do. (They're played by Jim Dixon and Bernard Higgins.) Compare this scene to a similar one in "Rambo 2." Sylvester Stallone is also subjected to electroshock torture but he's allowed to keep his pants on, thus putting his genitals "off-limits." He also doesn't lower himself by screaming but instead allows himself only a few grunts of discomfort. Needless to say, the torture scene in "Assault Platoon" is far more convincing, far more memorable.


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