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About This Game

Armor Clash is an RTS game of modern warfare, containing classic features like base building, unit training etc. Players can pick modern armors such as M1A2, T-14 to form identical legions. With realistic effects and fast paced battle, players will enjoy commanding their armored forces to break down the enemy.

Contents and Features:
  1. Traditional RTS gameplay, with base building, unit training and fast paced battle.
  2. Faction customization. 31 vehicles available to form your own legion.
  3. Day night cycle.
  4. Neutral forces and commander leveling system. Veteran units have different appearances and fire effect.
  5. Local network multiplayer.
  6. Through 9 months' early access, 10 major updates, this game is improved much more.
  7. There are both PC, Mac and Linux version.
  8. All updates free, the old school way.

Weak Points:
  1. There is no campaign, but there are 10 replayable skirmish maps, fighting AIs from easy to brutal.
  2. Max player number is 2, because there are huge amounts of realistic physics effects in the game, 2 players at max will ensure the good performance during fierce battle.

About desktop version:
Armor Clash is only for desktop gameplay, its VR version is Armor Clash VR, which is run on SteamVR and has different gameplay.


Realistic battle environment, each map has its identical environment sytle.

Classic RTS gameplay, with base building and unit training.

The commander and units can level up during battle, veteran units have different appearances.

Faction customization: Players can pick units in the armory to form their own legions.


Title: Armor Clash
Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Release Date: 22 Oct, 2015


  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10
  • Processor: 2.5 GHz CPU
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DX11 Compatitable Graphic card
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 4023 MB available space


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it sucks and its dead a shame. It is really hard to find a Modern Warfare RTS, who goes back to the golden age of strategy gaming. This game is starting to gain ground and for me its already one of my favorites, the fact that it combines the most common and well known vehicles, and you may costumize your armory (the units you can use) its a great advantage. Really recommend this game and hope many people will support its got great potential.. So, first off, if you have a good pc, buy it. This game will be a joy for you atleast for quite a while if you like RTS games. Now, if you have an average pc like me, then think before you buy it. Thats not saying dont buy it but you have to be a hardcore RTS fan to buy it especially since this game screams optimization (Yes i know this is early access). But as soon as more than 20 units get on the map, my pc goes down to around 15 frames where near the start it was running much better.

The AI. For the most part, its good, but the infantry AI sorely needs some retouches, as sometimes I'd find them running off in the distance or not attacking the target I pointed them towards.

Combat looks great in the game, and it would be cool to see in the future how the customization thing turns out. Mixing and matching the different parts of vehicles would be amazing. Bigger maps would be appreciated as well as more zooming out. Great start, the potential for this game is OFF THE \u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665ING CHARTS!. This game is not worth $20 in its current state. I don't regret my purchase, but I will generally support any rts game, that I think has potential, and this game does have that.

1) A little bit of base building.
2) A decent variety of units.
3) Experienced based global abilities per game.
4) Can pick your loadout( or what your able to build in game) out of\/before game and save 3 different loadouts.
5) Suprisingly for once, good scale.

What it needs:
1) Better environmental system of advantages and disadvantages. Height, cover, obstacles( firing lanes), and concealment.
2) Repair system.
3) Unit Vetrancy.
4) More variety of same type of units. Both in the armory and what your able to build. You should be able to build a couple different kind tanks, with differnt versions of each kind.
5) The armory needs at least 10x the selection for each unit. And it may need a point system in in of itself, to minimize exploitation, the cost of the unit in game might be enough to offset this, but I am not so sure.
6) More structures and implacements.
7) Bigger maps.
8) A little bit more zoom out.

1) No campaign. For this type of game, its not really a con for me, but I know for a lot of people it is a deal breaker.
2) A lack of everything I stated it needs. :)

Overall its playable in its current state, and while I recomend the game, I do so only to those that understand what an early access\/alpha\/beta means and the kind of support and patience that indie\/one person developers need. I will edit later accordingly.. okay well just played 2 games of this and it is quite enjoyable - it is like 8-bit armies crossed wiht Act of War and ww3 Black Gold but with nicer looking units and ground sound effects. there are some things i think it still needs but so far it is good for what it is worth. the air support is particularly satisfying. So i saw this game recently and was fairly impressed, and was like what the hell so i bought it to support this one man Dev team and also play a fairly fun RTS.

Though the game has its bugs which all games do, the Dev is very receptive and is improving the game. It's enjoyable and pays homage to old school RTS in my opinion, so i'd recommend this game to anyone whos loves RTS. This is just a prototype, not a game. It doesn't even display a summary at the end of a battle\/mission, it just takes you to the main menu. Having only a few maps and no editor the replayability is very low.. I would say i really enjoy this game, It brings back many memories of Command & Conquer, It is very well built and well designed for a man who made it within 1 year. This game i would definatly recommend people trying and i hope they enjoy it, This is a perfect RTS Start-Up for 2016 <3

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