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When a series of gruesome murders shake a small town after a strange aristocrat dies and his body goes missing, rumors of a supernatural monster abound. In life Sir William 5d3b920ae0

Title: Alter Ego
Genre: Adventure
bitComposer Games
Viva Media
Release Date: 3 Aug, 2010


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This game is for adventure game fans who are more interested in a good murder-mystery detective story than they are in typical adventure games puzzles. This game is easy and does not burden the player with difficult puzzles, pixel-hunting, or overly long dialogues. It just focuses on keeping the story going. And it's a pretty good story. For that reason, I do recommend it. However, the ending is a bit disappointing. It's not that it leaves any loose ends. You'll basically know what happened. It's just that it ends too abruptly, leaving you surprised and somewhat unsatisfied. It almost feels like it was really rushed. Despite the ending, I think it's $10 very well spent if you are in the market for such a game.. Seems like a good game at first, graphics are ok, the setting is quite dark and mysterious but all of this can't hide the fact that this game is bad. The puzzles are easy (too easy for most people) and the story ends when it gets exciting. Unless there is follow-up to this game i can only say: stay away from this game, it's not worth it.. A very good adventure game with great story and unusual ending. +atmospheric moody graphics +good music holding tense +strongly outlined characters +not-naive story -not always so intuinive, i got stucked few times -sometimes boring - you have to go from person to person few times to get something Overall: 8/10 - one of the best adventures games that i have played.. Very poor storyline. The puzzles for this game is pretty logical for the most part, but the story itself is pretty bland. The two main characters that you play are thoroughly unenjoyable, and the ending is very bad. If there had been a sequel to this game, then I can understand as to how they thought ending the game the way they did was a good idea. The ending provides no resolution. The story is incredibly boring. All of the interesting things happen to be described to you at the end. Just not a good story at all. If you want an adventure game to play and like the puzzles, play this game. Otherwise, the very bad story will bore you immensely.. I just finished this game and although I had a good time playing it, the ending ruined it for me. If there was a sequel, it would be fine; alas there is not. There is a decent story, although towards the end it becomes overly complicated and the mystery is never really solved, or explained. Again, it seems as if a sequel was intended but it just didn't happen. That's really too bad, as there is no story resolution with this single game. After playing all three of the Black Mirror series, I understand how a cliffhanger at the end can be fun. as long as the story continues. I cannot fault the game itself for this, as my understanding is that the studio was closed before that was possible, so I have to give this game a thumbs up, but with the caution that you can't expect a complete story. If you can write your own ending, then go for it. If not, wait for a huge sale.. Decent point & click adventure game with a storyline that is nice but could have been great if only the developers had more imagination. For the die-hard-old-fashioned adventure gamers this one's too easy. No difficult puzzles or intricate inventory combinations that might have kept you on your toes. The ending is a bit boring, clearly set up for a sequel which was never made (at least I haven't been able to find it anywhere on internet). I'd rate this average to poor if I had to pay full price, but since I got it for a low price it was nice and gets my thumbs up.. game is wonderful and I would recommend it to all his friends and other players :). I recommend playing through this game but be prepared for a really lame and disappointing ending. This game plays like Still Life. It's not a puzzle point-and-click, it's a murder mystery, with evidence to collect and use. You play as two different characters, providing two different points of views and adventures. The voice acting was well done, the story (for most of the game) was interesting and engaging, and the difficulty of the game was minimal. I'm also not a fan of the title and cover art. it's very misdleading. I kept waiting for it to make sense, and in my opinion, it never did.. grab it on sales. The game follows the lines of Black Mirror and other point and click games, following the same art style of 2.5d graphics, the game had a pretty good story, having you start out playing a turn of the century down of his luck guy, your thrust into a good story of murder and crime. It's all shades of gray, you are not a upstanding person per say, your not someone you want to hate and come to like who you are playing as time goes on, and without going into detail, you end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. The game starts out slow but picks up. The puzzles and events make sense, and you won't be wondering why you solve the puzzles as in some games. I found the voice acting needs a bit of work but fits in the time that it takes place and the sound effects and artwork are well done. It's a shame that more people don't play it, and is left off people's game list, because it's actually a good story.

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