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When a series of gruesome murders shake a small town after a strange aristocrat dies and his body goes missing, rumors of a supernatural monster abound. In life Sir William 5d3b920ae0

Title: Alter Ego
Genre: Adventure
bitComposer Games
Viva Media
Release Date: 3 Aug, 2010


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It sometimes is too frustrating and you do not know what to do.. The game seemed interesting at first, despite it's annoying tendancy to rule out simple solutions to problems based on your character being anu2665u2665u2665u2665u2665 Do not be tempted. The mystery behind the game seemed fascinating - it wasn't. at all. Everything about this game was an unbelivable letdown.. This game seems to be the victim of a budget shortage. It starts well enough, but as it reaches a point of tension, it just. stops. I can only think that they simply ran out of money and shipped what they had, because it's just unacceptable as it is now. Also, the "alter ego" of the title never even comes up in the game at all.. Victorian England was not pretty, it was a time of filth and poverty, of racism and sexism, with a cast system that was not official but was nontheless inescapable. This game perfectly restores that feeling; the two main protagonists are very far from out 21st politically-correct century. The beautiful landscapes really solidify this grim atmosphere. The gameplay follows the Point-and-Click adventure genre, with subtle differences. Some actions will not be possible, or will have different outcomes, depending on what actions you have performed earlier. This makes you re-visit and re-explore places and items that you've already seen. In exchange, items and locations will simply cease to become clickable once you are done with them, encouraging you to focus your efforts where it matters. This keeps the possibility space small enough to avoid getting completely stuck. Important: sometimes, you will need to time your actions properly; for example you will have to wait for someone to look away in order to succeed in your action. The UI is slightly inconsistent, but in no way game-breaking. I also noticed some unfortunate typos that cannot be attributed to the poor language of the characters. One extra layer of polish would have been nice, but the story usually captures you again very quickly and you don't remain bothered by it. The story surprised me a few times. I used my meta-game knowledge to predict what was going on, only to realize later that I was wrong. It breaks a lot of tropes. It's hard to say more without spoiling, but I consider it a good thing. It took me ten hours to finish the game (I've got 13 hours recorded because I had to restart playing on another computer after three hours, there is no sync to store your saves on the cloud). There were no silly puzzles; some puzzles were there just for the sake of being puzzles, but all had a reasonable solution. Overall, I had a pleasant experience, in a dark and creepy way.. As an interesting and somewhat successful adventure game, Alter Ego is the last video game made by Czech developer team, Future Games which we were familiar from the first game in The Black Mirror series. The studio was closed in 2011 due to financial problems after the release of this last game - which was also the probable underlying reason behind the abrupt ending we have here. 19th century, Plymouth. The city is shaken with the untimely death of Sir William, a deformed young noble with a handful of speculations running about his nature in the newspapers. At the time his funeral is being arranged, the swindler and street rat Timothy Moor comes to the city on a cargo carrier as a stowaway, apprehended by sailors. He manages to escape to find his childhood friend Brian for a job, only to find himself in an uncanny intrigue concerning Sir William himself. Following Tim's misfortune, Detective Briscol - who has just started his first day on the job, investigating a disturbance in the cemetery just after the funeral - becomes a part of the same uncanny intrigue as well. As the story progresses, our unlikely heroes will cross paths to try and shed some light into the dreadful business. Spoilers for the following paragraph! Firstly, the storyline - being interesting enough during the game - closes up with a dark and unsatisfactory ending; leaving many loose ends which results with the unnecessary demise of our heroes. It is wrapped and misconcluded badly, with stupid mistakes on our "brilliant" main heroes' part. The last dialogue between our main heroes is misguiding and uncharacteristic, screaming out "we couldn't end the game as we intended to due to budget problems". The whole experience is as good as it lasts, but by the last 10 minutes of the game, you'll be disappointed if you'll be expecting an interesting conclusion. Our main characters on the other hand, are intriguing and well written antiheroes rather than benevolent defenders of justice. They are successfully portrayed with their inner monologues displayed for the player, to reveal some truth to their nature aside their demeanor. They have severe character flaws, somewhat foul natures and an incredible amount of vanity; eventually resulting with their own downfall. Very humane and very well-done. Graphics are made in AGDC, resulting in a successfully grim atmosphere with grayish colors dominating the century. Environment design is probably one of the upsides of the game, alongside an especially satisfactory voice acting with proper accents of the time. Character interactions and facial features are also appreciable. As an adventure game, Alter Ego is nothing extraordinary though. There are hardly any puzzles or actual item combinations. Items themselves are pretty obvious to encounter and gather too. As a mystery and crime investigation game though, it sure is noteworthy - especially the parts where we play as detective Bristol: gathering clues, interrogating witnesses and trying to guess the logic behind occurrences. The parts with Tim rely on story progression rather than mystery mainly and presents loose ends for detective Briscol eventually. If you are to keep your expectations limited, Alter Ego is a nice experience with a really lame ending. It has some imaginative ideas, good character builds and a potentially interesting story if only it would be displayed a bit more elaborately.. Probably the worst and least satisfying ending of any game I've ever played, but everything before it was good. It isn't particularly difficult but it has an interesting story (even if it doesn't have a very good payoff) and a nice atmosphere with high quality visuals. It's fairly close to The Black Mirror in terms of gameplay and general tone.. It's hard not to recommend this game though obviously it was done in a hurry in the end. Backgrounds are beautiful and atmospheric. Puzzles are ok, playing as detective is especially good. I liked how they did this investigation thing. Apart of very abrupt ending it is very nice game.. a really good game. I studied in Plymouth for three years at the college of art, so I picked it up for a bit of fun. I was expecting a nice dose of historical interpretation and some nice gritty story telling. Instead the game just crawled on all fours not leaving a good impression at all. Getting to the second character, the game decided to let me skip an interaction and then wouldn't progress any further. I am incredibly bored from the slow pace and from walking around in circles for so long. I ended up resorting to guides and such which is how I discovered there was a missing interaction, it's the only thing that wasn't done, and I couldn't go back and correct it as the character had already up and left. Perhaps the game is just going for a realistic vibe and expects two hours to actually pass before the phone works. Shame really, it's really a very beautiful game, even if it is brain numbingly slow and hasn't provided anything to keep me glued to my seat to play it to completion. The story was possibly starting to get interesting, but I won't know as I don't plan to do it all over again. 10/10 to the textures and attention to visual detail. 4/10 to the story (to as far as I got) 1/10 to the actual game play.. This game has one of the most ambiguous endings. I wonder what's next even knowing that there's no sequel yet. And it's the worst feeling about the game.

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