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Absolute Adventure Zero

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About This Game

Absolute Adventure Zero is a role playing game set in a different,yet similar,dimension.
Its graphics and sound department are inspired by older games of the same ge 5d3b920ae0

Title: Absolute Adventure Zero
Genre: Adventure, RPG, Early Access
Nicola Formisano
Nicola Formisano
Absolute Adventure
Release Date: 18 Se


  • OS: Microsoft® Windows® 7/8/8.1/10 (32bit/64bit)
  • Processor: Intel Core2 Duo or better
  • Memory:


DemonsTier Demon's Tier Version 1.0.6! : Small update with some changes requested by the players (from the improvement thread). Fixed some important things in the gameplay, related to the visibility and difficulty of escaping the reaper. - Now when the objects, enemies or the player, approaches the lamps/crystals, this disappear. - Fixed a problem with the achievement of obtaining the first weapon. - Added a magnetic effect on items that we can collect from enemies, boxes or chests. - Now when die bosses , the items droped will appear in the center of place. - Added a strange fog when the time of The Reaper finish, will appear in the central area of the map, when your time ends the reaper will emerge from it. - Added a new hud, smaller with the information of the dungeon. - Added a option to change the type of hud you want. Remember, the reviews help a lot to Demonstier. All help is appreciated.. Demon's Tier is now available!! : Today finally the Demon's Tier is released, I hope you guys enjoy this game as much as my previous games. I have added a steam special thread for improvements and suggestions (steam forum) I will be attentive to any comments and reviews of the game. I would like to comment on some things about the control of the game. In Demon's Tier it is possible to play with keyboard + mouse or gamepad very well, I recommend using gamepad (original xbox gamepad). When pressing start or enter you will choose a control type, the keyboard controls at the beginning are these. With the mouse you can shoot and aim at enemies, also use skills, open chests etc. You can change it later in options (in the town) and modify the keys. I would also like to comment that in the village you can do everything, look at the guide, check the options menu, change characters, change weapons and buy them, visit the object store or enter the dungeons. Even to get out of the game, you just have to leave town. I recommend having many magic rope, you will need it to escape the dungeons and save your D-Tokens. Before going down the hole, check to have your magic rope. If you do not have one, you can get one for free in the chest that is in town. You get D-Tokens killing enemies.. Demon's Tier Version 1.0.4! : New improvements and fixes. -The Reaper, now deals damage by just touching it and after a while its speed will be doubled. -The Reaper appears after killing any boss, you will have little time to collect your rewards. -The last boss is now a little easier in tier 1. -Fixed an error in one of the final bosses. -Special enemies now do not give gold. -Added a blocking state, which makes it impossible to use the ability when the reaper appears. -fixed a strange error in the boss's chest. -The enemy ice arrows now have a blue flash.. A Bit Better. : Another small update to improve some of the game's graphics a bit.. More Colors. : Here's a small update that adds shading to most of the game's graphics.. Happy New Year! : The update we promised will be released the next month,for now i've just updated the "TO BE CONTINUED." scene to be simpler and mysterious.

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