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3 Coins At School Hack

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About This Game

3 Coins at School is a simple and funny game that can be played in both single and multiplayer mode.

The game is turn-based, attack and defense.

The attack turn can be divided in 3 parts:

1 - Break the "20 cent" coins with the "Euro" coin, then choose which 20 cent coin to pick to start the next step.
2 - Intersect the other two coins to get closer to the opponent's box.
3 - Strike in the opponent's box

The 2nd step is not mandatory. You can break the coins and directly strike in the opponent's box, but as you are far from it, will be more difficult to score.

When playing the defense turn, try to stop the opponent' strikes by moving your middle finger.

The first player who scores 5 times wins the game. b4d347fde0

Title: 3 Coins At School
Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation, Sports, Strategy
89AM Studio
89AM Studio
Release Date: 20 Apr, 2016


Pretty good for the price.
A game to play when bored.
It's interesting
It has online multiplayer

The music is a bit repetitive. Not bad, but it needs more music.
Needs something to keep you playing, maybe unlockable coins.
Needs leaderboards (Wins, Losses, Goals)

Can't complain, especially for the price.. I rewalllly like this gmay
e. 'An overpriced TAFE project!!!'

3 Coins at school is all about the real table game known as penny\/coin soccer. The goal is to within 8 shots keep shooting 1 of 3 coins between the other two until you get close enough to shoot one of the coins through your opponents goals. It's a simple time waster that some play at school or at parties among friends.

In this PC version you can only choose 2 out of the three coins to shoot the goal, which severely limits your possibilities and there are no novel variations to the game which many have introduced. For instance some place paper cups or items on the table as defenders and you have to avoid them too. In this game it is the bare essentials in everything. Nothing outstanding which will really captivate your attention and so after you have passed the game within 5 minutes you will be done with it, if not sooner.

The game would have been much better if you were to challenge each kid within the class to a game of coin soccer culminating with an ultimate showdown against clever AI as you take on the teacher, but alas nothing like this is introduced. There is no skill building, no customisation, and no Easter eggs. It's rather boring.

While this developer\/\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noopener\" >http:\/\/\/<\/a> is more into web design and showcasing other learned skills, I can't help but ponder that projects like this MUST surely concern potential customers about his general business practices. Unreasonably OVER PRICED, practically zero in customer feedback in the forums, unconcerned with customers getting GOOD value for money in regards to entertainment, must surely hit those alarm bells as to his general work ethics.

In all honesty I probably spent more time and effort in writing this review than he did in game design. Enough said.

While I applaud that he was able to come up with a unique idea, its genuinely humdrum in its implementation. Instead of buying the game, try the game for yourself against a mate in real life. You will have much more fun. Yes save your three coins for another Steam game.

Below is the entire game to settle your curiosity...


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