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Those who know how and love it, live easier and manage to achieve more. The game is fun, it helps to surpass ourselves and unleashes our creativity.
It seems that over the past two decades, games have decisively taken over the adult world. What is this - a regression to infantile behavior, a desire to please your “inner child” or a desire to get away from too rigid social regulations?

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Comment by orestor on April 11, 2021 at 2:50pm

The mood of play is the mood of detachment and delight, sacred or festive. It gives us a sense of joyful lifting and allows us to release tension. Play is a powerful source of energy, and by its very nature it is filled with positive emotions.
Those of us who bring elements of the game into our routine work are more successful than those who are locked into only fulfilling their direct responsibilities. This, in particular, was proved by Dutch scientists by persuading the management of an insurance company to allow some employees to sometimes play computer games at work. It turned out that after playing, employees began to work more efficiently and received more satisfaction from their work than their colleagues who did not participate in the experiment. Although the company, which would agree to conduct a "game" experiment, psychologists had to look for quite a long time. And no wonder - not everyone is convinced that the combination of play and work can increase productivity. 

What do you think ? why do people like to play?

Comment by caritop on April 12, 2021 at 6:28am

I like Destiny 2. The graphics and the realism of the plot are especially impressive here. It is as if I am falling into another dimension and I need to survive. There are many different situations in the game. And this is not always easy to understand. For example, the pros helped me to pass the Deep Stone Crypt Raid After my feeble attempts to do it myself, playing with the pros was a super game


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