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Why is water park mosaic tile replaced glass tile

water park has been very popular with people. With the rise of waterproof decorative film of swimming pool, mosaic tile has been gradually replaced by swimming pool adhesive film. There glass mosaic kitchen is a reason why the waterproof decorative film of swimming pool is favored by everyone.

1. The waterproof and anti-skid effect is strong

compared with mosaic tiles, the waterproof decorative film of swimming pool has a stronger waterproof and anti-skid effect. The unique surface texture of the waterproof decorative film can increase the friction force and play a better anti-skid effect.

2. Higher safety and convenient maintenance

as we all know, the maintenance of mosaic tiles is very troublesome. If the maintenance is not proper, it is easy to fall off, crack, empty drum, water seepage, and it is easy to have swimmers scratch. Compared with mosaic tiles, the swimming pool adhesive film is soft, delicate, with high elasticity, and will not harm swimmers; in addition, the maintenance of swimming pool waterproof glass tile kitchen backsplash decorative film is much easier, and it is not easy to breed bacteria, anti-corrosion, not to hide dirt and scale, so it is more convenient to clean.

3. Long service life

mosaic tiles have a short service life, generally need to be replaced every 2-3 years; the service life of waterproof decorative film for swimming pool is longer, which can be used for 5-7 years outdoors and 10 years for indoor.

4. The construction is simple

the waterproof decorative film of swimming pool has short construction period, is suitable for any structure, has simple installation technology and is easy to renovate; mosaic has limitations in applicable structure, and the installation process is complex, and the renovation is complex and difficult.

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