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What factors should custom perfume boxes manufacturer be considered

with the improvement of people's life quality, people's custom perfume boxes manufacturer festivals are becoming more and more different from those in the past. Nowadays, many people will choose the gift box products with exquisite packaging when giving gifts, which can also save a lot of time in purchasing gifts. Therefore, the market demand for gift box products has become increasingly large, so what factors should be considered in Chengdu gift box printing?

1. Strength problem: the design of corrugated board is the primary content of strength design. Cardboard can be divided into single corrugated and multi-layer corrugated, and each layer has a, B, C several kinds of ridge types to choose earring jewelry box factory from. First, according to the understanding before design Arrangements. When designing the box type of export gift box, the weather and transportation conditions during transportation should be considered.

2. Material selection: the material selection of gift box is an important part of strength design, which not only affects the printing effect, but also affects the physical properties of corrugated gift box after forming.

3. Size: when designing the size of luxury paper box manufacturer corrugated gift box, in addition to setting the length, width and height ratio of corrugated gift box reasonably according to the contents, it is also necessary to consider combining with different container types to make full use of the space of the container, avoid the waste of space in the process of transportation and facilitate the transportation of products.

4. Printing process: the design work should also consider the differences between different printing processes. The printing methods modern jewelry box factory commonly used in corrugated gift boxes in China are offset printing, flexographic printing and gravure printing. The change of printing method has a direct impact on other processesEven the printed materials have to be changed.

what factors should be considered in Chengdu gift box printing? With the continuous development of the market, people's demand for various types of gift boxes is growing, so the demand for gift boxes in the market has become more and more large. As a printing manufacturer with years of development, is recognized by many enterprises If you have any need, please click our website for details!

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