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What are the characteristics of black and white decoration pool mosaic tile style

Modern simple style with black and white gray color, no interior decoration art to introduce new ideas.
On, the white light series furniture, the unique luster makes the furniture feel fashionable, has the comfortable and the beautiful coexistence enjoyment.
The black room is a unique eye-catching highlight.
Gray is a transitional color between black and white. Shouldering the role of harmony and harmony, the contrast between black and white is buffered. pool mosaic tile
In terms of accessories, I put forward two suggestions:
1. Black should not be used too much in the right place, but it is not unique if it is used more. They are mainly white and gray.
2. In the case of good lighting, the floor and wall should be light gray, and the sofa should be medium or dark gray. Boldly change the traditional white wall home decoration

the characteristics of black and white decoration are as follows:

the simple style of black and white in the bathroom decoration design can be white as the bottom, add black small items in the bathroom, or use black and white mosaic tiles to decorate the wall and floor of the bathroom. The bathtub and toilet in the bathroom are basically pure white. Therefore, when choosing the bathroom cabinet, you can choose the bathroom cabinet mainly in black or the glass tile supplier bathroom cabinet with obvious contrast between black and white. The partition in the bathroom can use frosted glass, which can reflect the simple feeling in the bathroom.

The selection and collocation of black and white contrast color is a kind of expression technique of modern simple style home decoration, which can show the simple feeling of home fashion. Such as black and white simple style living room in the design layout, can use white cloth sofa, with black wall, or white sofa, with black sofa products. The whole living room space is mainly white and black. In whiteThe living room space decorated with black decorative objects can give people a sense of high-end atmosphere.

Modern simple style home kitchen decoration is mainly functional, the kitchen appliances function is very complete. Black and white simple style glass tile bathroom kitchen in the decoration decoration, can be its wall ground decoration into pure white, the overall kitchen cabinet and stove can be made of stainless steel, the color of stainless steel is generally silver gray, can form a contrast with the wall ground in the kitchen. Kitchen cabinet mesa in the choice, can choose black marble or artificial stone board surface. Only in this way can we decorate the black and white kitchen with modern fashion sense.

Many people think that the bedroom with black and white, will give people a sense of desolation. In fact, if the bedroom is very white with a good match, it can also bring people a unique sense of fashion. Black and white simple style of home bedroom in the design and decoration, the basic color of the interior is mainly white, that is, the wall and floor decoration glass mosaic for swimming pool in the bedroom is basically white, and the window in the bedroom or the decoration of small pieces can be selected black or light gray, and the selection of curtain can choose the deep and deep decoration simple pure color series curtain. Only in this way can we form a sharp contrast with the color of the wall and floor in the bedroom, and give us a unique sight feeling.

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