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The leader of ultra low temperature air energy heat pump in China

The air swimming pool dehumidifier energy water heater does not use electricity directly to heat water, but uses a small amount of electricity to drive the compressor and fan to underfloor heating pump carry the heat in the air to the water tank. Not affected by the climate, it can be heated at any time. Therefore, air energy water heater is recognized as the most energy-saving products. In particular, osbo, which has a strong innovation strength in the air energy industry, has developed a "ultra-low temperature heat pump" technology that can compete with the extreme cold climate in Antarctica. This technology solves the problem of limited heating capacity of ordinary water heaters in northern China due to low temperature. In fact, osbo launched zenghan ultra-low temperature air source heat pump through this technology. It can still operate at minus 35 ℃, and the low-temperature heating capacity heat pump supplier is increased by 100%. Therefore, osbo ultra-low temperature air source heat pump is very suitable for use in northern areas.

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