Liberty Attendance Center - Class of 1969

Class Reunion - Class of 1969 - Liberty, Mississippi

Suzhou Taicang dinner stage truss installation supplier

Suzhou Taicang dinner stage truss installation supplier one-stop service

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Honglan Culture is a professional engaged in the leasing of large, medium and small performance equipment. We have a group of professional construction teams in the industry and have gained a lot of valuable experience in many construction projects. The construction team's skill, collaboration, excellence, and attention to detail will definitely add to your exhibition project. Since the establishment of Honglan Culture, we have been adhering to professional services, honest attitude and responsible spirit to face our customers, pragmatic, truth-seeking, continuous exploration and continuous improvement. In a series of entertainment performances, fashion shows, product promotion, press conferences and other projects that have been undertaken, satisfactory results have been achieved;

Suzhou Taicang dinner stage truss installation supplier one-stop service

Honglan Culture undertakes conferences, professional rental, lighting, projection, point machine, LCD TV, projector, audio rental, rental equipment available:

1. Audio equipment: It can meet professional audio for large, medium and small art performances, including linear array speakers, professional amplifiers, equalizers, crossovers, compressors, notebooks, CD players, MD players, DVD players, wired phones, A complete set of peripheral equipment such as wireless phones, interphones, wireless breast headsets, microphone stands, equipment, etc.?

2 Lighting equipment: including computer lights, beam lights, LED staining lights, follow lights, computer color change lights, surface downlights, digital light control, computer control consoles, dimmers, effect lights, laser lights, surface lights , Strobe lights, three-color soft lights, follow lights, spot lights, low profile led light pattern lights, stage lights, floor lights, digital silicon boxes and other various lighting equipment and supporting equipment?

3 equipment: various specifications of the projector (5000 lumens 35000 lumens projector) projection screen, TV wall, plasma, rear projection, indoor and outdoor LED display, DNP frequency and control equipment, special effects console 5000 lumens 35000 lumens projector?

4Dancing effects: Rainbow cannon, stage smoke machine, bubble machine, dry ice machine, snowflake machine, firework machine, gas column, TV stand, projection elevator, mobile light stand, TRUSS stand, stage back panel, inkjet, photo, carpet, etc. All kinds of equipment. ?

5. All kinds of lights, lamp rack equipment rental, projector rental, simultaneous interpretation equipment rental, audio equipment, stage rental, TRUSS rack, etc. COB zoom par light manufacturer Professional equipment for your event rental ?;

?Audio equipment, line array, mixer, amplifier, speaker, equalizer, effect, crossover, compressor, intercom, gooseneck microphone, wireless microphone, wireless breast microphone, microphone bracket, etc., professional rental lighting, sound, projection, point machine, LCD TV

Suzhou Taicang dinner stage truss installation supplier one-stop service

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