Liberty Attendance Center - Class of 1969

Class Reunion - Class of 1969 - Liberty, Mississippi

Provide entertainment intelligent equipment swimming pool liner suppliers waterfall swing

Our innovative waterfall swing combines waterfall and swing perfectly, so that you can feel the joy brought by science and technology while you are playing. The consultation telephone number is 15300502833 Yang

the waterfall swing is suitable for occasions: real estate swimming pool liner suppliers opening, shopping malls attracting money, theme interaction, amusement park investment, interactive exhibition, etc.

The working principle of the waterfall swing: the steel swing frame is equipped with 273 independent mechanical solenoid water spraying valves, which can form a waterfall in the path of the swing seat. The water in the nozzle comes from a nearby pool and is supplied to the nozzle by a pump. Sensors fixed on the swing stand can collect site information about the angle and speed of the swing, and then send the information to the computer. The computer can predict the passenger's movement based on the information, and then create a hole in the water wall to let the passing passengers pass without wetting their clothes.

Waterfall, also known as water fall, refers to the flow of water flowing vertically or nearly vertically when on your order the river or stream passes through the significant steep slope or cliff of the river bed profile. In geology, it is caused by the geological structure movement such as faults or depressions, and the surface changes such as volcanic eruption, which cause the sudden interruption of the river. In addition, the erosion and dissolution of rocks by the flowing water can also be caused The terrain is very poor, so it forms a waterfall. According to the appearance and topographical structure of waterfalls, there are many kinds of waterfalls: slender waterfalls, according to the inclined angle of waterfall rock walls, suspended waterfalls, vertical waterfalls, inclined waterfallsThere are waterfall pool type waterfall, no waterfall pool type waterfall. According to the water flow and stratum dip direction of waterfall, there are anticlinal waterfall, horizontal waterfall, oblique waterfall, irrational waterfall, etc.

The company also provides Queen's float, military exhibition, dinosaur simulation exhibition, cartoon animation, vertical wind experience of large-scale extreme sports, mechanical image of popular Dutch stars, urban speculation equipment, aerial restaurant, etc. the company can provide all kinds of novel exhibition things on the market, and invite partners from all regions.

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