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My kitchen sink installed on the side of the lamp convenient

do you want to install lights above the kitchen sink? Many people don't know whether the kitchen is decorated well or not. Beauty is one of them, and practicability is the key. When my new house was renovated, the decoration master recommended that we install a convenient light under the cabinet and on the sink. At first, I would have thought it would be rather chicken ribs, but later I found that this convenient light really provided me with too much convenience. It's really used to know it's good.

Many people's kitchens are designed in this way. At the beginning, when installing cabinets, they did not measure the height of the cabinets. The whole table was on the low side, and the cabinets and range hood were also on the low side. Leaning against the window, the light is better in the daytime. When the light can only be turned on at night, the light is blocked tightly by the low cupboard, and there is a darkness under the cabinet, which can't be seen when washing and cooking. It's just too inconvenient.

In a kitchen like this, the light source is usually in the middle of the roof. At night when washing dishes and things, the body back to the light, for poor vision, the eyes is a dark. Look, is it necessary to install convenient lights?

It is more convenient to cut vegetables and wash vegetables at night. As for the installation position, we can generally install it above the sink and gas stove in the kitchen. Through local lighting, it is more convenient to wash and cook. The convenient light is usually directly milled at the bottom of the cabinet board, and then embedded LED is installed, and the switch is controlled by induction radar. It's not bright when the day is bright. When the light is dark at night, visit it will automatically sense the human bodyOpen. It is convenient and does not waste electricity.

But there are also direct installation of an integrated chandelier. If your home is to do integrated ceiling, then you can reserve a line in advance when the new house is decorated, and then let the decoration workers open two holes in the corresponding position at the later stage, and install the chandelier.

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