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How to create a dehumidifier with air purifier

nowadays, under the living environment of internal and external troubles, how can we have a healthy and comfortable indoor environment?

five constant system:

constant temperature: through the central air conditioning system and automatic control method, the indoor temperature is kept at a relatively constant value all year round. According to the international iso7730 standard: the indoor temperature is maintained at 20-26 ℃, which is the best comfortable temperature range for human body.

constant humidity: through the central humidity control system, the indoor relative humidity is kept at a relatively constant relative humidity value all year round, so as to prolong the life of buildings and indoor furniture, dehumidifier with air purifier and prevent mold breeding. According to the international iso7730 standard: indoor relative humidity should be controlled at 40% - 60%.

constant oxygen: the central fresh air replacement system is used to continuously provide fresh air for the room by means of replacement air supply, and fresh oxygen is provided for the room through electrolysis technology.

Hengjie: with the central fresh air replacement system and multi-layer filter design, the outdoor dust and other pollutants can be filtered layer by layer, which can effectively and quickly remove PM2.5 and double clean air. Provide formaldehyde detection and formaldehyde removal services to ensure clean indoor environment.

constant static: the use of floor heating or ceiling radiation system, in order to achieve indoor cooling and heating, at the same time, minimize the indoor environmental noise. Through the fresh air system, the outdoor noise caused by window ventilation is avoided.

ground source heat pump system:

ground source heat pump is a kind of utilization of underground shallow heat energyHigh efficient renewable energy technology for building refrigeration and heating.

the ground source heat pump system uses the constant temperature of soil as the heat source and cold source of heat pump refrigeration, that is, in winter, the heat in the ground energy is taken out and the temperature is increased for indoor heating; in summer, the indoor heat is released to the earth to keep the indoor temperature around 24 ℃ all year round.

in this way, it can save 40% energy than traditional system and 60% energy than direct electricity heating.

it can be widely used in residential buildings, villas, shopping malls, hospitals, office buildings, schools and other buildings with clean electric energy as the power of heat pump. Ground source heat pump technology is highly praised and popularized in the world because of its high environmental friendliness.

the new ground source heat pump system can realize the functions of one household, one machine, household metering and partition control, and reduce the shared expenses.

at the same time, the system can adopt step-by-step construction and Distributed installation to minimize the initial investment pressure of developers.

the new ground source heat pump unit adopts the national invention patent technology, the internal system of the unit is highly integrated design and double-layer damping pad design, which greatly reduces the unit volume and unit noise.

air handling system:

The main purpose of the full heat exchange fresh air unit is to solve the ventilation and air exchange problems in the whole house. When the doors and windows are closed, it can provide fresh natural air for the whole house, ensure the indoor air circulation, and avoid the dust, noise, flying insects and other conditions caused by opening windows, so that our house becomes a house that can breathe.

total heat exchange fresh air systemThe overall balanced ventilation design and efficient heat transfer are perfectly combined.

the system is equipped with double centrifugal fan and integral balance air valve. Fresh air is introduced from the outside of the system and distributed to each bedroom and living room through the air supply duct system. At the same time, the indoor turbid air collected from the corridor, living room and other public areas is discharged. The indoor air replacement is completed without opening windows and the indoor air quality is improved.

the fresh air flow and the turbid air flow from the room exchange energy at the heat exchange core of the fresh air system, which reduces the impact of introducing fresh air from outside on indoor comfort and air conditioning load. heat recuperator manufacturer



1. Clear air filtration: built-in professional air filter can bring clean and sufficient fresh air necessary for health.

2. Prolong the service life of buildings and indoor furniture, and prevent mold breeding.

3. Ultra quiet design: the main fan adopts ultra-low noise fan, and the internal equipment adopts high-efficiency noise reduction technology, with extremely low working noise and no interference.

4. Maintenance free design: the unique design of the air flow channel has good air permeability and small wind resistance, and can be used continuously for a long time to realize the maintenance free heat exchange body.

5. Energy saving and environmental protection: the power system with low energy consumption can minimize the operation cost. There is no need best heat recovery ventilator,heat recovery and ventilation system to open windows for ventilation, so as to avoid energy loss during refrigeration or heating.

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