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Class Reunion - Class of 1969 - Liberty, Mississippi

Hebei Pool handrail music fountain manufacturers

Music fountain equipment maintenance should have a fixed fountain management personnel, music fountain maintenance personnel need to have a certain level of knowledge and technical foundation, and also require them to be familiar with the basic computer operation, preferably in the electrical, Pool handrail mechanical and other industries engaged in equipment maintenance experience or received professional training.

The maintenance unit shall appoint maintenance personnel and the construction unit shall be responsible for the training. The main contents of the training include familiarity with fountain equipment, playing fountain, programming, replacement of vulnerable parts, determination and treatment of simple faults and matters needing attention in daily maintenance of fountain. It is better for the trainees to participate in the construction of the fountain and study hard in practice.

Hebei music fountain manufacturers believe that the maintenance of fountain equipment is not just a simple daily care and playing fountain. We should enhance the awareness of fountain maintenance. For example, when the nozzle is skewed, it digital water curtain suppliers needs to be modulated, if the nozzle is blocked, it needs to be dredged. When the equipment is damaged, it needs to be repaired in time. The floating objects on the water surface need to be salvaged and the water quality changes If it is damaged, it needs to be replaced or treated. The fountain control room must be kept clean and not damp, etc. it needs maintenance.

Hebei fountain manufacturers introduce the use of fountainTuhe principle

fountain is a kind of natural landscape, which is the surface outcrop of confined water. The fountain in the garden is a kind of decorative water spraying device which is constructed artificially for the need of landscape. Fountains can moisten the surrounding air, reduce dust and reduce temperature. The tiny water droplets of the fountain collide with air molecules, which can pool water curtain produce a large number of negative oxygen ions. Therefore, the fountain is beneficial to improve the appearance of the city and improve the physical and mental health of residents.


according to Hebei fountain manufacturer, the principle of fountain is conservation of momentum. From large radius pipe to small radius pipe, there is a change of velocity, which rushes away from the ground. The speed in the large radius is driven by the pump, while the speed in the small radius is the original speed and the momentum conversion speed. We need to choose a differential element to calculate the conservation of momentum, so that we can find a velocity, which is the exit velocity, and then there is an upward motion. This is the ideal situation, no friction, no wind.

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