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Full DC variable frequency air source heat pump

electromechanical information (No.19, no.517, No.81 project) in 2017, the main product of 81 project features the wisdom crystallization of LG Group's research and development for many years, and creates a new era of stable, efficient and diversified application. Original imported: all DC frequency conversion compressors, fans, controllers and other Korean original imports are imported to ensure international quality; Full DC frequency conversion compressor: LG fifth generation frequency conversion technology, which uses two-stage oil separation and air jet enthalpy increasing, has higher efficiency; gold fin TM fin fin: stronger corrosion resistance, greatly extending the service life of the unit; LG HVAC solution: intelligent integrated control system, gathering intelligent defrosting,pool heat pump compressor power-off memory function and other technologies to effectively improve the reliability and safety of unit operation; Wide range of uses: it is especially suitable for District Central refrigeration and heating, hotel, hospital, office building and other air conditioning occasions. Originated from LG central air conditioning's independent research and development of black technology to create an epoch-making revolutionary experience of intelligence, ultra-high energy efficiency and ultra long life; the 5th generation of full frequency conversion compressor: ultra-high energy efficiency, material upgrading, more reliable performance in extreme environment, multi V5 In terms of power, it shows excellent and strong performance, integrates the performance advantages of the previous four generations of products, upgrades the excellence again, creates the strongest "heart" and brings the ultimate experience; anti corrosion black gold fin: hydrophilic coating subversive technical innovation, super corrosion protection, life extension to 3 times, after 15 h of extreme corrosion resistance test, fully armed with innovative technology,For the quality of life escort; dual perception intelligent control: high temperature heat pump temperature and humidity dual induction, health and comfort upgrade, intimate dual induction intelligent design, all customers need to achieve; large capacity outdoor unit: single module up to 26 HP, combined module up to 104 HP, the industry's largest! Extraordinary combination ability, small volume contains large energy, the most attitude module design, small volume futurism, to create a simple but not simple wisdom space for customers; Continuous heating: integrated four-way heat exchanger, air-jet enthalpy increasing technology, super heating, extreme comfort, strong heating capacity, custom-made for customers a "warm winter", spring installed in every customer's room. Full DC variable frequency air source heat pump the latest generation of super multi split multi V5 DOI:10.19514/j.cnki.cn32-1628/tm.2017.19.039 DOI:10.19fan coil 514/j.cnki.cn32-1628/tm.2017.19.040

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