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Cooling curtain factory sauna heater manufactures wholesale

Local grass water curtain negative pressure fan manufacturers wholesale

it is mainly used in textile factories, industrial factories, printing and dyeing factories, chemical fiber factories, clothing factories, leather factories, plastic factories, printing factories, electronic factories, food factories, machinery factories, workshops and shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants, exhibition halls, conference rooms, etc; Comprehensive cooling of civil buildings such as game hall or post cooling and ventilation.

Whether your company is industrial manufacturing or factory building; workshop; Internet cafe; greenhouse; greenhouse; pig farm; chicken farm; high temperature and dusty at 35 to 45 degrees; poor ventilation, very stuffy or air turbid; we have reasonable and effective solutions, sauna heater manufactures which can let your company have a comfortable and cool space.

After sales department of tuhe can provide parts and accessories maintenance of fan exhaust equipment; it can also design ventilation cooling engineering scheme and replace water curtain paper / wet curtain sheet free of charge.

Foshan tuhe equipment Industrial Co., Ltd. is the pioneer and leader of new ventilation and cooling equipment for factory buildings. It is a demonstration unit with top ten best-selling brands of ventilation equipment in China, with double guarantee of quality and reputation. The company implements strict international quality standards, has passed the ISO
9001:2008 international quality management system certification, shop now and has a sound quality assurance system, All links are produced and tested in accordance with strict standards or customer requirements. In the same industry, it is a CCTV TV promotion brand. The main high-end brand "tuhe" series cooling products are produced by introducing advanced technology from Italy. The product quality reaches international standards. It is widely used in industry, agriculture, civil and other fields, and has won good reputation and reputation. The annual output of the company has reached 100000 sets. Due to the high-end brand positioning and superior cost-effective products, a large number of products are sold at home and abroad, and the export rate is increasing rapidly

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