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Central fresh air ventilator machine supplier dehumidification system

After several upgrades, Matsui high temperature dehumidifier has reached the advanced level at home and abroad. It is the third generation product of high temperature series dehumidifiers, with an average thermal efficiency of about 85%. This series of high-temperature dehumidifiers all adopt centrifugal fans, which use hot water, steam or electricity as heat sources, and use centrifugal fans to heat air and heat by convection ventilator machine supplier of heat exchanger The heat transfer between air laminar flow and material is carried out through drying plate. It is equipped with automatic constant temperature control system and microcomputer control system.

Widely used in: wood, seeds, tea, aquatic products, medicine, grain, edible fungi and other fields. The product has a large applicable area and strong dehumidification, which can strongly remove moisture from materials. The whole series is based on the vertical cabinet design, and the top vertical air outlet can increase the air circulation, so that the whole place can be evenly dehumidified.

Key components:

1. Imported brand compressor: brand guarantee, high efficiency power output, high speed, good drying effect.

2. Blue hydrophilic two devices: Blue hydrophilic aluminum foil, fast condensation speed, all copper tube design, high dehumidification efficiency.

3. Turbine fan: metal shell, durable; strong wind power, larger and faster air flow output.

The dehumidification principle of the high temperature dehumidifier is an equipment that uses unsaturated wet air to blow through the dried materials and absorb moisture. In order to improve the moisture absorption capacity of wet air, the air is generally heated first. When the equipment passes through the heater under constant pressure, the outside will heat the wet air and the temperature of the wet airrise. However, it did not increase the water vapor content of the wet air, and there was no condensation and precipitation of the steam. Therefore, the decrease of the relative humidity is the decrease of the moisture absorption ability.

It can be seen that the heating process in the heater is a constant specific humidity process of heating and enthalpy increasing. split air to air heat pump When the heated wet air enters the dryer to dry the materials, the moisture in the material vaporizes into the air by releasing heat (reducing the enthalpy of the wet air) to increase the enthalpy of water vapor in the air. Therefore, the drying process can be approximately regarded as a constant enthalpy process in which the air temperature decreases and the humidity increases gradually.

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