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Celadon bird sculpture of Changsha kiln in Tang Dynasty

In the Tang Dynasty, the celadon bird sculpture of Changsha kiln was 4cm high and 6cm long. The glaze color was brown yellow.

In the early Tang Dynasty, Changsha kiln had rough embryo, mostly dark red, gray yellow, grayish green and brown. The glaze layer was thin, and the light glaze was yellow, and the deep one was yellowish ceramic tile wholesale brown. In the middle and late Tang Dynasty, the body colors were gray, grayish yellow and brown. Some of them were hard and fine, and most of them were closely combined with each other. There were also those with poor bonding and easy peeling off of glaze layer. At this time, the degree of porcelain was quite high.

The glaze color of Changsha kiln is mainly blue color with yellow flavor, and there are white glaze, green glaze, kiln changed glaze, etc. Glaze surface open fine grain, high quality glaze glass light is strong, poor glaze surface no light floor tile factory dry.

The bird porcelain sculpture of Changsha kiln should be a children's toy made at that time. The craftsman grasped the moment when the bird was caught and expressed the childish expression of the bird properly. It can be regarded as a fine porcelain sculpture of Changsha kiln in Tang Dynasty.

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