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Can toilet and kitchen stick the same ceramic tile

most people in the bathroom and kitchen will choose ceramic tiles, because they are mainly easy to take care of. My family only has a bedroom with wooden floor, and the rest are all ceramic tiles. But what kind of ceramic tiles to choose is not the same. Let me share my experience. In the process of home decoration, some need to strengthen the space can use colorful ceramic tiles to show. Ceramic tile can be said to be the most able to show the "alternative" visual sense of goods. However, we should avoid "taking bricks by appearance". If we only judge from Contact Us the aesthetic degree and ignore the internal quality of ceramic tiles, we will often go against our wishes. Indoor ceramic tiles can be divided floor tiles for home into wall tiles and floor tiles according to the paving location. Strictly speaking, wall tiles belong to ceramic products, while floor tiles are usually porcelain products. Their physical properties are different. There are great differences between the two from the selection of clay ingredients to the firing process. The water absorption rate of wall tiles is about 10%, which is several times higher than that of floor tiles with only 1% water absorption. Expert tips: the floor of toilet and kitchen should lay the floor tile with low water absorption rate, because the ground will often be washed with a large amount of clear water, so that the ceramic tile can not be affected by water visit vapor and not absorb stains. The wall brick is made of glazed pottery, and its moisture content is


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