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Whitevale Defender Free Download [hack]

Whitevale Defender Free Download [hack]

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About This Game

Whitevale Defender is a 2D replayable tower defense. You'll be defending the castle of Whitevale over and over against hordes of war machines. Each play through you will be advancing your defensive and economic arsenal while also honing your tower placements until you can save Whitevale for good. The war machines are approaching. Help King Theodore save the city of Whitevale from the evil King Balmek.


  • Utilize tools such as traps and explosives. There are 3 tools (4 in total) to unlock to help you survive in the heat of the moment.
  • Build mining drills to excavate minerals. There's a special tower you can unlock to improve your money flow. Which means more towers in the long run.
  • Unlock powerful rewards that completely alter how you play. There are 14 unlockables in total from new towers, tools, and passive abilities you can take into each play through.
  • Enjoy 4 - 10 hours of strategy fun (or more depending on your skill level).

Whitevale is on the brink of destruction. King Theodore needs your help.... a09c17d780

Title: Whitevale Defender
Genre: Action, Indie, Strategy
Sugarsnapp Games
Sugarsnapp Games
Release Date: 23 May, 2018


Only one level, which plays until you lose (or beat it from grinding). Game Forces you to grind the same level over and over for upgrades, limited build space and limited tower build options. I often run out of space and am unable to spend my money.. Fun little game! The graphics and story are charming, and there's plenty of strategies to try out. Great way to burn some time!. Very decent little tower defense game that goes for old timey CGA-styled graphics and sound, to my delight. There are two currencies, one to buy towers for the map, and another for unlocks and upgrades. Only has one map, but the difficulty is a long ramp upward, and there are enough different strategies to keep it fresh for 5-10 hours. A budget game done right!. Garbage. Graphics aren't nice. Game is clunky. Nothing about it is innovative. More is expected. Consider this game to be a simple Roguelite for the Tower Defence genre.

To win, you must lose. Again, and again, and again. Tower placement and selection does not carry as much weight as simply grinding losses again and again to unlock your much needed towers, power-ups, and boosts. Once you have unlocked everything, only then you can start to think about any sort of strategy, which is unfortunately lacking. There is no pathing or mazing, and with only three (offensive) towers to think about, you will quickly devise a solution for each round.

There are any number of far more advanced tower defence games available online for free. For the price of entry, I would consider whether or not you mind being defeated over and over again. If you are the sort of player who restarts a level if they take a single hit, this is not for you.. If your looking for a good ol' tower defense game, but you want it to be all retro, then this is the game for you. I'd say the idea is great. I often thought of my next plan to take action in my head. I feel Indie games like this don't get glory all the time. Now at the time writing this, I just got it when it came out. I like how the story is set up. I haven't seen a setting like this before. This tower defense game is probably one of the best I've played, (aside from BloonsTD). If you want to have a good time planning, playing and time killing, than this is the game for you. I hope to see this game go a good direction.. Only about an hour in, but looks promising.

Only one map - however various tower positioning options and upgrades to keep you interested.

Will update review later.

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