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What Temperature Do Infrared Thermometer Measure

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In the title, we've put infrared thermometer in quotes because this device doesn't measure temperature directly; rather, temperature is inferred from a different.

Infrared thermometers measure infrared with a wavelength of between 4 and 14 microns. As it is the surface of an object that emits infrared, an infrared thermometer will not measure its internal (core) temperature.

1 Jul 2011 . Infrared (IR) thermometers enable you to measure temperature quickly, . infrared energy than shiny metals do - they have higher "emissivity.

Infrared Thermometers Measure Surface Temperature . for checking surface temperature, however, they do not measure the internal temperature of an object.

Hold the IR thermometer within 1 inch of the surface of the water for the most accurate measurement. Infrared temperature measurement should be within +/-1C (+2F) of probe reading at 0C (32F).
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The basic and most economical IR thermometer has a measurement range from 0 to approximately 600 F, with an accuracy of 3.5 F (Extech IR Thermometer). These simple yet effective tools are used by HVAC technicians to measure air temperature and motor surface temperature.. An infrared thermometer is a thermometer which infers temperature from a portion of the . be measured. A non-contact infrared thermometer is useful for measuring temperature under circumstances where thermocouples or other probe-type sensors cannot be used or do not produce accurate data for a variety of reasons.. For an accurate temperature reading, the object being measured should fill the field of view of the IR thermometer. Dark-colored objects give the most accurate.. 15 Feb 2016 . It is important to pick an infrared thermometer that is rated to measure items within the temperature range that will be applicable to your uses.. An infrared thermometer measures temperature by detecting the infrared energy emitted . Materials which do not reflect or transmit any IR energy are known as. b4aff0d24b

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