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Warsim: The Realm Of Aslona Ativador Download [portable Edition]

Warsim: The Realm Of Aslona Ativador Download [portable Edition]

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About This Game

In 'Warsim: The Realm of Aslona' your only goal is to keep the Kingdom of Aslona from destruction and carry it to glory, how you do it is entirely up to you, you may be a harsh dictator charging people for walking and breathing air, or a blood-hungry warlord commanding armies and mercenary bands on invasions and raids of enemy lands, or perhaps a charismatic diplomat who arranges trade routes with everyone from goblin tribes to orcish Chiefdoms.

The goal of the game since early development has been to allow the player to rule and do what they want, with the relevant consequences and perhaps we've gone too far in this aspect.


  • Scores of places to explore including, a giant blackmarket filled with mystery and wonder, hidden cities (that's right multiple of them), Two schools where you can take lessons, one in music and one in history, a procedurally generated newspaper, and tons more, there has been an excessive amount of time spent fleshing out the world, exploration is heavily rewarded.
  • An arena which you can takeover and grow, or watch and bet on, holding giant tournaments and rooting for champions as they climb the ranks and get remembered for eternity.
  • A unique facial procedural generation system that can produce well over 100 quadrillion different faces for a variety of different races from Humans and orcs, to kobolds and treemen.
  • Deal with the throne room, a complex place with thousands of possible encounters and visitors, how will you manage the realm and treat your people?
  • Listen to some procedurally generated music, be it the drum solo of a nervous travelling goblin bard, or the proud music prowess of a well trained vampire showing off with his vampyric lute (or find the music guild and try your own hand at playing these instruments)
  • Tons of random events, no game will be the same, with the kingdoms, rulers and events always being different and hard to predict.
  • Procedurally generated kingdoms, bandit gangs and mercenary groups, never get the same group twice, be they Seafaring Goblins, Fire Orcs, Eyeless Elves or the Famed Half-Turtles of the Western Turtledom, all these races possible and a million more.
  • Countless mini-games played in taverns, your throne room, or around in the world to keep you entertained.
  • And so much more...

Title: Warsim: The Realm of Aslona
Genre: Indie, RPG, Simulation, Strategy, Early Access
Huw Millward
Huw Millward
Release Date: 28 Jun, 2017


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Pretty fun game if you enjoy text based games. There are some interesting ascii animations, but outside of those it's all text. Failed my first game as a bandit king pretty quick. Started up my second and was not a bandit, then I started to steamroll it. By the time I reached what I feel is the "end" of the game, I was making about 500k a turn and sent an army of something like a hundred thousand soldiers, slaves, knights, goblin berserkers, and goblin tribals to their deaths fighting the demons and demon king.

All in all, a fun game. I look forward to more updates that add stuff in, since there were several things that were marked as not finished.. Well, I'm normally not the one to write a review, but for this game, I'll change my normal stance.

Bare in mind that the game still is in Early Access.

Just text, no pics.
It reminds (me) of those old C64-games. Damn I'm that old already
Easy to learn, hard to master
It comes with some nice 8-bit music.

See all of the above.

Hahaha!! No, really, you'll either, like me, love this game for just being the game it is. For giving that textbased adventure-/sim-feeling of times long by. Or you'll just hate it and probably for those same reasons.. I am having a lot of fun playing this game. Absolutely worth the $5 I spent on it.. I'd just like to say this is a really good game so far - it can be short, or long, hard or easy, you can meta or you can roleplay. this reminds me of sanctuary RPG quite a lot. I look forward to more updates, or if not, it was a really good price anyway and already has some great content.. I followed this game along on reddit for a couple weeks before getting it and I have to say, it is one of the best kingdom management games out there. The amount of detail to races, the infinite amount of bardic songs, the ascii art, and all of the minigames make this game quite unique!

The dev is really responsive to questions and suggestions and he pumps out updates which is really nice. The only bad part of this game are the certain things that are always 100% the same, which make sense that they are but still, after playing it for a long time you can remember exactly those things are and what they do.

All in all a 9\/10! (Really wish the locations could be randomized). im no good at reviews, but i do recommend this game. 10/10 would raid the Awoken Hydromancer Exarchate with 10.000 peasants again. Great Little game.. 10/10 would force everyone to wear hats again

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