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Virtuosity In Hindi 720p ->>>

Original Title: Virtuosity

Genge: Action,Crime,Sci-Fi,Thriller









































When a virtual reality simulation created using the personalities of multiple serial killers manages to escape into the real world, an ex-cop is tasked with stopping its reign of terror.
The Law Enforcement Technology Advancement Centre (LETAC) has developed SID version 6.7: a Sadistic, Intelligent, and Dangerous virtual reality entity which is synthesized from the personalities of more than 150 serial killers. LETAC would like to train police officers by putting them in VR with SID, but they must prove the concept by using prisoners as test subjects. One such prisoner is ex-cop Parker Barnes. When SID manages to inject his personality into a nano-machine android, it appears that Barnes might be the only one who can stop him.
I really enjoyed this film. Denzel Washington has done better, and he really does not shine in this film, but he outshines Russell Crowe by about a googolplex (ten to the googol'th power). In my opinion, William Fichtner outshined Russell Crowe by about the same measurement.

The story is well crafted, and the overall finished product was slickly executed for the era, but it does not stand up to the test of time. As a techno-thriller based in cyber technology, this is quite dated today although it was cutting edge at the time of its creation. With these types of technology based sci-thrillers, the technology is often outdated by the time the film reaches the screen. It advances about that fast.

That is not to say that the film cannot still be enjoyable, suspenseful, and thrilling.

All in all? It suffices as a stand-in for a Thursday or Sunday night's movie, if you don't mind the stench of over-baked Crowe, that is.

It rates a 6.6/10 from...

the Fiend :. Virtuosity could have been a good film. The basic premise of the plot is very interesting. A computer generated villain on the loose in a modern society has all the signs of a great action film. But then the one basic premise does not create a great film. And as a result when you add pretty ordinary acting, cliched special effects and action sequences and a really poor script that just tries too hard to be cool you come away with a really poor film. 4/10
Nevertheless, given Washington's presence and the promise of a virtual reality action story, Virtuosity has some appeal -- provided, of course, the viewers aren't selective.


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